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January 5, 2017
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Most of quest in the quest of writing correct grammatical sentences in English often tend to make mistakes without even realising. Other than that, beginning few tricky sentences often becomes a herculean task as we don’t know how to begin, I mean which pronoun to “begin with”. Hence, based on such tricky situations, I am coming up with another long list of sentences to help you likewise

The [trickiest] sentences beginning with the English word “it”
Now, let’s take a look at other sentences in past tense beginning with the word “it”
It is raining
It is expected to be windy this afternoon due to the impending cyclone
It is going to be the best day of my life, as you just made it
It is never going to be late, if you have hidden hunger to excel
It may eventually be a roller-coaster ride for him, since he doesn’t value his parent’s advise
It was actually a man in the guise of a monster
It was the most embarassing day of my life, as I slipped on the floor in front of everyone
It was the most hilarious moment when the comedian presented the show
It was the smallest of creature which I saw this rainy season
It was quite a mega event, last year, let’s see what’s in store this time

Few more of tricky sentences beginning with “it”
It will be quite an awesome evening as rains have started
It will be windy but again you never know when the weather becomes perfect to fly kites
It will be scary looking at the dark clouds but the met department has denied reports of further rains
It will create quite a lot of problems for the common man

Sentences starting with ” It Should”
It (train) should reach on time
It should be slippery enough to make anybody fall
It should be the best gift which a son can give to his parents
It should be a great way to re-live humanity
It should act as an eye opener for people who easily believe strangers
It should be quite a lesson for those who think making fun of others creates no harm
It should be the best way to take revenge from him
It should act as a deterrent for other accused
It should be done like the way you have done
It should create quite a stir in the party
It should be done within half an hour, failure to which you will be allowed to go
It should never occur on anyone’s mind

Sentences beginning with “It may”
It may be late, but you have to go
It may be early, but you have to wait for the train
It may look good on you, but it is not worth it
It may eventually result in a happy ending, but it wasn’t like that in the beginning
It may be the best time of your life now, but the beginning wasn’t that great
It may have serious repercussions if you don’t mend your ways .
It may be the easiest way to solve the problem, but it is not going to be so
It may seen funny, but it is not
It may create a close bond between families from now on
It may be an extraordinary moment for the family

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