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March 11, 2017
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What is a Learning management system?

A learning management system is a collection of electronic courses catered to the needs of the average student, being fully equipped with course outlines, information about regular tracking of individual student performances and allotment of assignments.

What is does a LMS do?

An LMS is basically a way for you to attend your training sessions, college, school, etc at home with the help of specially developed software. A leaning management system gives you a way to increase your knowledge though a digital medium. Instead of a physical classroom, you’ll be attending a virtual one, but with the same teacher, giving you homework and projects, tracking your progress, handing out assignment and even grading you.

Why would a Learning Management System benefit you?

1. Allotment of Assignments and Regular Quizzes: Learning management systems manage to create a real learning environment by handing out regular quizzes and assignments to track each individual’s performance. Regular homework is handed out and tests are conducted continuously to ensure that the students perform to the mark.

2. Efficient Tracking of Progress and Evaluation: The progress of each individual is reviewed at a regular basis in order to keep track of each person’s progress. LMS has specific tools designed in order to detect areas in which a person is lacking, after pinpointing the weakness, it is easily and efficiently eliminated.

3. Centralized Source of Information: One of the best things about Learning Management system is that it can hold a large amount of data not only like review boards or individual performance records but also leaning materials, notes, information that can come very handy to the student. This allows all the information to be stored in one area, which makes it infinitely easier to access it.

The Best one

Learning management system ELeap is one of the best-known LMS out there because when it comes to training your employees, ELeap can be trusted to help your organization succeed. With its multiple features, ELeap assesses and analyzes the needs of your company and helps them understand their job requirements, conveying information that would be necessary and overall helping improving their performance.

Special Features:

ELeap has some specialized features that help increase their organizations performance by 96%, that more than what would be expected when you are training your employees the traditional way. Some of the best things about it are that its cloud base meaning you can access it from anywhere and anytime, which is a geographically convenient considering you does not have to expend your company’s resources in arranging location for training sessions. Another great thing about it is that it is SCORM compliant and has a tracking system, meaning it keeps training and learning schedules. Not only does it checks, which content to display at what level but also reviews your performance. Its tracking Software keeps constant check on your progress, figures out which area you’re lacking in and focuses on that which means not only is it capable of pinpointing your needs, it is has the ability to implement them.

 It increases your company’s performance by taking care of things that would otherwise be time consuming and taxing like scheduling training sessions, printing out manuals or renting locations, it gives you a way to focus on other aspects of your organization and spend its budget on other things. One of the many benefits of ELeap is that’s its really flexible your online courses can be designed, modified, changed, created, launched according your needs by uploading any file types like audios or videos, PowerPoint or even YouTube. Some of your employees may be filling in multiple roles, which means you need customized training tutorials, which you can do by easily modifying your original LMS.

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06:45 AM Mar 23 2017

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You are an amazing person to teach English from. Keep it up, I ma following yo. My English not as good as yours 


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