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August 10, 2017
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It goes without saying that everyone has their own individual style when it comes to fashion and footwear choices. That said, there are a few styles of shoe that should feature in every woman's wardrobe. Making sure that you have at least one variety of the following staples, will ensure that you have something to compliment any outfit perfectly, whatever the occasion.

Heeled Boots
The heeled boot has now established itself as a staple, and should definitely feature in every woman's wardrobe. A good pair of boots are just what you need to give your outfit a stylish edge, but without going overboard. Since there are so many different types available, like a pair of block heel ankle boots, knee high riding boots, and sexy thigh highs, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Depending on the style you go for, heeled boots can be the perfect accessory to complete almost any outfit.

Barely There Heels

Adding instant length to your legs, barely there heels look amazing with literally any going out attire. They are also the perfect accompaniment to the “jeans and a nice top” combo, or for dressing up a slightly more casual ensemble. Their simple structure is minimal with just a strap or two holding your foot in position, meaning they look great but also take a back seat and allow the rest of your outfit to shine. This versatile barely there style of heel is both timeless and elegant, so even if you’re not really that into heels but decide to invest in just one pair, let it be these.

Ballet Flats
There are so many different styles of ballet flats, with unlimited choice of colours, shape and material. Not only are these types of shoe super comfortable and kind to your feet, but they are suitable for almost any outfit or occasion. Depending on the style you choose they can look elegant and professional, ideal for wearing to work or the perfect alternative to heels. On the other hand, they can be fun and feminine for a more chilled day to day look.

Strappy Sandals
Especially as summer draws closer, every woman needs to make sure they have at least one cute pair of sandals. They’re perfect for those sunny days when it’s too hot for a full shoe, but you want to look a little more put together than slinging on a pair of flip flops. From gladiators and boho laceups to slides and thong sandals, there's endless styles and something for everyone, meaning you can leave your flip flops at the beach. Try some barely there heels this season.

Stylish Sneakers

Although a trusty pair of gym trainers are essential for working out, it’s also a good idea to have a pair of more trendy trainers for when you’re out of the gym. Whether you’re going for a summer stroll in the park or a heavy shopping spree, you’ll want to wear a comfy pair of shoes but still look stylish at the same time, so you can’t go wrong with a pair of sneakers.

04:18 AM Aug 10 2017

Syrian Arab Republic


August 10, 2017
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After being a makeup artist for over four years now, I can honestly say it’s my pride and joy. Nothing makes me happier than helping others look even more gorgeous than they already do for a special event. Make up goes deeper than the surface.

It’s about empowerment, inspiration and confidence! I specialise in face glitter makeup… means I get to make people sparkle!

I do festival glitter makeup, festival makeup and glitter body art for a number of clients and I honestly have found my passion. Here's 5 reasons I love being a makeup artist…

Meet Cool People

I have been fortunate to meet so many beautiful people. Makeup is a very intimate thing, so people tend to open up and share. I have had brides and models tell me the most amazing and sometimes inspiring stories about their lives.

Travel Lots!

Makeup has taken me all over the world. I have seen so many beautiful places in the process of doing my job. Beauty has taken me to the heart of the desert, several different continents, beaches, abandoned buildings and even right back to my own hometown.

It's Flexible

Makeup does not hold a schedule the way that most other careers do. Every bride, event, celebrity and photo shoot will have its own call time. Some may be in the middle of the night and some could be in the middle of the afternoon. I love being able to set a schedule of my choosing.

The Wardrobe

I can wear whatever I want! I am not someone who was born to wear a power suit. In fact, I don’t even own a dress shirt. The idea of wearing one makes me break out into a nervous sweat. Being an artist, I am able to dress exactly as I would like.

It’s FUN!

Being a makeup artist is ultimately fun! Which is the main reason I love it :)

04:50 PM Sep 18 2017

South Africa

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11:14 PM Aug 21 2017


Good to hear that. I want to do this job,too, wondering how long have you learnt to be a make artist? :)