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December 24, 2016
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#200:  A Christmas Party Game for Kids (Snowflakes on a Plate)


Instructions:  Listen to the youtube video above and fill in the blanks in the transcript below (or write your answers on a piece of paper). Beginners can use the list of missing words and phrases, but if you're an advanced student, try to fill in the blanks just by listening to the video, without looking at the missing words and phrases.  The answers are given at the end of the transcript.

Main Features:  There are three main features in this video lesson.  1) The word "to" can sound like "ta", "da" or "na" It occurs 20 times in this video.  a) The word "to" can sound like "ta" or "da" in such as phrases as "need to" and "ready to" (3 times); in the phrases "what to do" and "how to do something" (2 times); and other times as well.  b) It can sound like "na" after words that have an "n" in the last syllable.  Two examples are the phrases "going to" [gonna] and "want to" [wanna] (6 times).  2) Adverbs that end in "-ally" often sound like "-ly", especially when the first syllable is stressed.  An example is the word "basically" [basicly]. The word "probably" [probly] is similar.  3) The "t" sound often disappears in the combination "st" plus a consonant.  For example, the word "Christmas" is pronounced [chrissmas], e.g., the middle "t" is silent.  This also occurs when a word that ends in -st (such as "just", "must", and many others) is followed by a word that begins with a consonant.  This produces a cluster of 3 consonants ("st" +1 consonant) and the middle "t" is usually silent. You'll hear the phrases "just be" [juss be] and "must get" [muss get] near the end of the video.

Missing Words and Phrases (27):  Basically [basicly]; can [kin]; going to [gonna]; going to do [gonna do]; going to go [gonna go] (3 times); how to [how da]; into [inda]; just be [juss be]; must get [muss get]; need to [need da]; need to do [need da do]; probably [probly]; ready to [ready da]; three to four [three da four]; to [ta] or [da] (7 times); towards [tordz]; want to [wanna]; what to do [what da do]; your [yer].


Hi!  Today's challenge is _____ come up with [1] a Christmas party game that involves straws, paper, and plates. 

Ok, we've come up with an idea.  It's called "Snowflakes on a Plate".  And the game idea:  You're going to _______ cut the paper ____ squares, then have the kids take the squares, fold them up, and cut out the little snowflakes like you made when you were a kid. 

Now, we recommend making about five snowflakes for this game and then what we're ___________ is we're ________ set up ______ play and show you __________.

Once you've cut out all the snowflakes, you're ________ go.  What you __________ is take your plate -- and any plate will do -- set it approximately _____________ feet away from the game player.

Now, this can be a race done by individuals sitting at a table or it can be played as a relay race.  And _________ the concept is that you take all the snowflakes -- and they're placed in front of the player so they can play -- then they use the straw _____ get the snowflakes on the plate. 

Now, the first time this happens, the kids are ________ ___________ {blows} and the snowflakes are ___________ everywhere, but they're not _________ go up onto the plate.

Here's the secret.  You can either let them in on it [2] at the beginning or you _____ let them struggle until someone finds it out.  The secret is _____ use the straw in suction _____ pick up the snowflake and then blow it _______ the plate.  And the goal is _____ land the snowflake or all the snowflakes that they have -- if they have 3 or 5 -- on the plate _____ finish their turn or win the game.

So if it's individuals playing against each other it could _______ a fun Saturday afternoon activity or if you _______ play this as a relay, each player ________ all 5 snowflakes on the plate _____ finish their turn before the next player goes.  Play until everybody's taken one turn and completes the task.  And that's ____ game.


[1] come up with = to think of; to create something new.  We usually use it with an idea, a plan, etc.  We use the preposition "up" perhaps because we're bringing the idea "up" from the depths of our mind or being.

[2] to let someone in on a secret = to tell someone a secret.  We use the the preposition "in" because we're letting them "in" our circle of friends who knows the secret.


1) to [da]
2) need to [need da]
3) into [inda]
4) going to do [gonna do]
5) going to [gonna]
6) how to [how da]
7) what to do [what da do]
8) ready to [ready da]
9) need to do [need da do]
10) three to four [three da four]
11) basically [basicly]
12) to [ta]
13) probably [probly]
14) going to go [gonna go]
15) going to go [gonna go]
16) going to go [gonna go]
17) can [kin]
18) to [ta]
19) to [ta]
20) towards [tordz]
21) to [ta]
22) to [ta]
23) just be [juss be]
24) want to [wanna]
25) must get [muss get]
26) to [ta]
27) your [yer]

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You're welcome!  I'm glad you like it  :)

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It is very interesting! Thank you! :)