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February 16, 2017
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#204:  Marley and Me (Trailer)


InstructionsListen to the youtube video above and fill in the blanks in the transcript below (or write your answers on a piece of paper). Beginners can use the list of missing words and phrases, but if you're an advanced student, try to fill in the blanks just by listening to the video, without looking at the missing words and phrases.  The answers are given at the end of the transcript.

Main Features:  There are three main features in this video lesson.  1) The word "him" sounds like "im" (the "h" disappears).  You'll hear this word four times in this video.  Other examples include the words "her" [er] and "here" [ere], which you'll also hear in this video lesson.  2) The word "you" sounds like "ya" [yuh] six times.  Here the unstressed "oo" sounds like "uh" (a schwa sound).  The same thing happens with the word "to":  when it's not stressed in the sentence it often sounds like "ta" [tuh] or "da" [duh].  3) The word "of" sounds like "uh" (the "v" disappears). This happens often when the word "of" is not stressed in the sentence and it's followed by a consonantTwo examples are the phrases "none of this" ("nun uh this") and "part of the plan" ("part uh the plan").  In this lesson, both phrases appear in the same sentence:  "None of this was part of the plan," which sounds like "Nun uh this was part uh the plan."

Missing Words and Phrases (20):  and [an]; are [er]; going to [gonna] (2 times); her [er]; here [ere] (2 times); him [im] (4 times); need to [need da]; none of this [none uh this]; part of [part uh]; you [ya] (6 times).


There's nothing like the experience of raising your first dog.  Of course, that kid's not even me!  That's me.  And that crazy hound I'm chasing is Marley, the world's worst dog. 


But our story begins before Marley was born.

Dream house!  Paint Barney [1] on the wall and _____ have a great little play room.  You guys _____ ________ have kids, right?

Nnnnn… [2]



___ want my advice?  Get _____ a puppy or something.

I've never had a dog.

There's nothing to it.  _____ walk ___, _____ feed ___, ___ let _____ out every now and again [3].


This Christmas get ready for a surprise.

One, two, three.

Uh!  They're adorable!  Hi, puppy!

Marley, this is our house.  And now it's yours.

Marley, you can't go through a screen door.  {Laughs}  Marley!

{Song:  "Bad to the bone."}

He's just like a little kid except a little furrier.

That's not a dog.  That is evil with a dog's face!

He ate the answering machine, and then went back and had the phone for dessert.


A dog can have only one master.  Which one of you has the most authority in your relationship?

Well maybe I'll stand over there for the beginning.

I thought so.


On December 25th, give your family the gift…

It's just beautiful!

Well, put it on.  Where'd it go? [4] I put it right here.

I didn't just disappear.

… of Marley.  [5]

Come ____!

Marley, spit it out.

No…  Come ____!  {Unclear} good boy.


Dr. Jay's ________ send over a laxative.


I think we _______ find a new house.

Who's dog is that?

He may be the world's worst dog…

____________ was _______ the plan.

No, it wasn’t.  This is so much better!

… but he brings out the best in their family.


A dog doesn't care if you're rich or poor.  Give _____ your heart and he'll give _____ his.




Uh, pull over!

There's a ton of traffic!

Marley _____ me.


[1] Barney is a kid's tv show.  Here's a link to the theme song:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ix9wpslKwBE

[2] Nnnnn… He's wants to say "no", but he's hesitating.

[3] Every now and again (or "every now and then") = sometimes; occasionally; from time to time.

[4] Where'd it go?  = The full question is "Where did it go", but the unaccented word "did" becomes just a "d" sound, so  "Where did it go" sounds like "Where'd it go?"

[5] On December 25th, give your family the gift… of Marley.  The sentence is broken up by the actors.


1) you [ya]
2) are [er]
3) going to [gonna]
4) You [ya]
5) her [er]
6) You [ya]
7) him [im]
8) you [ya]
9) him [im]
10) you [ya]
11) him [im]
12) here [ere]
13) here [ere]
14) going to [gonna]
15) need to [need da]
16) None of this [none uh this]
17) part of [part uh]
18) him [im]
19) you [ya]
20) and [an]

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