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February 26, 2017
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#206:  Mom of Quadruplets ("quadruplets" = four babies born at the same time)


Background:  The video in this lesson is longer than usual (about 7 minutes long), but in it you'll see the four girls that are mentioned in the previous lesson, #205.

Instructions:  Listen to the youtube video above and fill in the blanks in the transcript below (or write your answers on a piece of paper). Beginners can use the list of missing words and phrases, but if you're an advanced student, try to fill in the blanks just by listening to the video, without looking at the missing words and phrases.  The answers are given at the end of the transcript.

Main Features:  There are four main features in this video lesson.  1) The word "them" often sounds like "em", that is, the "th" is often silent.  You'll hear the sound "em" seven times in this video (five times in the same paragraph).  2) After a "t" sound, the word "you" often sounds like "chu".  In this lesson you'll hear the phrases "put you" [put chu], "sent you" [sent chu], and "what you" [what chu].  3) The word "to" often sounds like "ta", "da" or "na".  You'll hear the sound "ta" in the phrases "to be" [ta be], "to say" [ta say], and "to see" [ta see].  You'll hear the sound "da" in the phrases "trying to" [tryin' da] and "wanted to" [wanned da].  You'll hear the sound "na" in the phrases "want to" [wanna] and "going to" [gonna].  4) The word "because" often sounds like "cuz".  You'll hear this word 3 times in this lesson.

Missing Words and Phrases (31):  because [cuz] (3 times); did you [didju] (2 times); going to [gonna] (4 times); kind of [kinda]; put you [put chu] (2 times); sent you [sent chu]; them [em] (7 times); to [da]; to be [ta be]; to say [ta say]; to see [ta see]; trying to [tryin' da]; want to [wanna]; wanted to [wanned da] (2 times); what do you [whada you]; what you [what chu]; you [ya].


Our next guest did an excellent job of illustrating what it's like _____ a mom.

{Ellen shows the video that we did in our last lesson, #205.}

Dad's out shoveling the driveway.  Mom desperately needed a treat to get through the rest of the night.  So I'm hiding in the pantry, eating a treat.  Is that wrong?  They don't ever go away!  They want everything you have.  See?  She's always there. 

Hi!  Hi!


I _________ meet her when I saw that video!  From Orem, Utah [1], please welcome Ashley Gardner.

So, ________ can't tell from that video -- which is just adorable anyway, just ______ you hiding in a pantry and then a little "hi!"… 


That's, that's {stops} You don't have one of those; _____ have FOUR, 2-year-old quadruplets.

I do!

I mean, can you imagine what that {stops}.  So tell us what that is like.  I mean, what are their names?

Ok, so you've got Indie, Esme, Scarlett, and Evangeline.


So, yeah!  I mean, they are a handful, ______ the least.

To say the least.  Who's your favorite?

Oh, we don't play favorites.

Alright, but which one?


And you can tell them apart?  I mean, now you can?

I can!  I mean, I think they look different.  Everyone calls me crazy when I say that, but I do feel like they look different.  To me at least.

_______ there are two sets of identical {stops} [1].  So one {stops, changes}.  Two of ____ are identical and the other two are identical.

Yes, exactly.  Because you didn't think you were ________ have quadruplets.

Yeah!  No, I mean, we struggled with infertility for 8 years and we tried everything.  We finally did IVF [3] and they gave me a 40 percent chance of having one baby.  And both eggs stuck and both split.  So that gave us our two sets of identical twins.

So when they told you that day that you have quadruplets, what _______, what {stops}.  _______ freak out?  Or what did you think?

Oh my gosh [4].  It was a good thing I was laying down _______ I would've been on the floor if I wouldn't have been.  I mean, I looked to the ultrasound tech [5] and I said, "You count again!  This is not accurate.  You count again!"



Alright, so…  And your kids are back stage with your husband Tyson right now.  I think we have a camera on them.  I hear that's it's been _______ chaos back there.


Hi!  They're like, "Where is she?  Is she in there?"

One of ______ undressing.

Oh, ok.  {Laughs}  Alright.  So when's the last time you did anything by yourself?  Is this, is this the first time in a long time?

Yeah, I'm actually enjoying myself.  It's been, you know… I think the pantry was the last time I had a minute to sit here without being touched.

Alright, so just take us through a little bit of your day.  How does your day start?

Yeah, sure.  So, um, we wake up about 7:30 and the girls just are 0 to 20 [6] the second they open their eyes.  We get ____ dressed, we change them [7], we take ____ downstairs, we feed ____ breakfast.  They play for a couple hours and then it's lunch time.  Then we get ____ ready for naps, change ____ again.  And then they wake up and they play a lot longer and then it's dinner time.  And then we do bedtime routine and then it's off to bed [8].

Wow.  Every single day?

Every single day.

Every single day.

It doesn't stop.


So this story I heard about you _________ get here is a crazy story.  So you {stops, changes}.  They've never been on a plane before.


And we set everything up, we thought, arranged it so that all of you would be in seats.  They'd be on your laps. 

Uh-huh.  [9]

You had two people traveling with you, so… what happened?

Yeah, so, um, we get there.  The girls were screaming the entire way to the airport and then through the entire airport.  And we get there.  We finally are boarding and the lady at the gate's like, "Oh, you're not getting on this flight.  You need tickets for all of your girls."  And I was like, "Oh my gosh!"  Like, "What's happening?"  And so, um, yeah, we did not get on that plane.

They ________ home.

They were like, "Get out.  We don't care."

We were on the phone with them.  We were trying to make everything {stops}.  We had arranged it!  Everyone knew it was fine.  Alright, so that lady's mean.  {Laughs}  And so she sent you home and so then we _______ on another flight.


And we _______ in first class so each of those girls had their own seat. 

Yes, but there was only six seats and so it was now me and my husband against four 2-year-olds, two hours past their bedtime. 

I mean, I just can't imagine.  Okay, so we're ________ take a break and when we come back we're ________ bring your kids and your husband out here.  So your time alone is over.


Alright.  We'll be back.

Come on out.

{The kids come out with their dad.}



Hi, girls!  How's everybody doing with the Ellen hoodies on?

Oh, wow!  {Laughs}

We've been talking about you.  Were you watching the show?

{Laughs}  She sees herself.

Look what I have too.  I have toys in case you _______ look at toys and stuff like that.

Look what Ellen's got!

Look at this.  Keep you there.  Look at the hand puppet. 

Look at that! 

I can't believe they're staying.

Isn't that wonderful?

Oh, you want me _____ take it off?  Or put it on?  ___________ want to do?

Alright.  So, we _________ give you a gift that you would remember the reason that we found you and um… Oh!  So here, while they're playing -- keep an eye on them, _______ I'm looking at stairs -- um, stand up and, uh, Zenor, come on out.  Okay.  So…


Can you come over here, Zenor? 


Alright.  Hold on [10], Zenor.  Hold on.  Ok, he's ________ put that on your back.


Alright?  You go this way.  Okay, wait.  Hold on, hold on, hold on. 


Alright!  And then if you open this…

I can always be in my pantry.

You can always just close it up or you {stops, changes}, so you don't have to hide in there any more.

It's perfect!  I love it!


Alright.  And also we know that you have a dream to go to Hawaii, so we're sending your whole family; you're going to Hawaii.

Oh my God!!!

Thanks to our friends at Shutterfly!  You'll be in Hawaii!


[1] Orem, Utah = They're from the city of Orem, which is in the state of Utah.  Utah is one of the 50 states in the USA.
[2] Two sets of identical = Ellen means "two sets of identical twins".  One set of twins is two people.  Two sets of twins is four people.
[3] IVF = a medical procedure to help a woman become pregnant.

[4] Oh my gosh = This is a softer way to say "Oh my God".  Gosh = God in this expression, but the "d" sound becomes "sh".
[5] The ultrasound tech = ultrasound technician, e.g., the guy who operates the ultrasound machine.  The ultrasound machine is used to show the parent what their unborn baby looks like.

[6] "The girls just are 0 to 20 the second they open their eyes" = I think she means "0 to 60", which refers to how quickly a car can go from a dead stop (0) to 60 miles per hour.  She's saying that as soon as the kids open their eyes, they are off and running, like a car that goes from 0 to 60 miles per hour in the blink of an eye.

[7] We change them = we change their diapers.
[8] And then it's off to bed = and then they go to bed and sleep.  Notice that the word "to" sounds like "ta".
[9] Uh-huh = this is another way to say "yes".

[10] Hold on = Wait a second (or a minute).


1) to be [ta be]
2) wanted to [wanned da]
3) what you [what chu]
4) to see [ta see]
5) you [ya]
6) to say [ta say]
7) Because [cuz]
8) them [em]
9) going to [gonna]
10) did you [didju]
11) Did you [didju]
12) because [cuz]
13) kind of [kinda]
14) them's [em's]
15) them [em]
16) them [em]
17) them [em]
18) them [em]
19) them [em]
20) trying to [tryin' da]
21) sent you [sent chu]
22) put you [put chu]
23) put you [put chu]
24) going to [gonna]
25) going to [gonna]
26) want to [wanna]
27) to [da]
28) What do you [whada you]
29) wanted to [wanned da]
30) because [cuz]
31) going to [gonna]

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