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July 14, 2017
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#225:  Middle School (Trailer)


Instructions:  Listen to the youtube video above and fill in the blanks in the transcript below (or write your answers on a piece of paper). Beginners can use the list of missing words and phrases, but if you're an advanced student, try to fill in the blanks just by listening to the video, without looking at the missing words and phrases.  The answers are given at the end of the transcript.

Main Features:  There are two interesting phrases in this video.  1) The question "What are you doing?" sounds like "Whadda you doin?"  We've seen this question in previous lessons as well.  2) The phrase "could have been" sounds like "could a been".  There are actually 3 levels to this phrase; see the answer key for more details.

Missing Words and Phrases (12):  could have been [could a been]; don't you [don’t chu]; going to [going da]; going to [gonna] (3 times); got to [gotta]; I've got to go [I gotta go]; of [uh]; to [da] (2 times); what are you [whadda you].


No risk, no reward.  We have to fight!

{Song:  "We are the outlaws, the outlaws." [1]}

My name is Rafe Khatchadorian and welcome to my crazy life.  {The alarm goes off.}  Shut it down, boy.

Please tell me you didn't stay up all night drawing again…  I know it's hard to start a new school, but there's a whole world out there!

There's a whole big world in there too.

This is my sister, Georgia.

Mom!  She's doing it again!

She's ________ get me arrested.

Hello!  I'm not getting any younger here!

You do that again and you're not getting any older either.

This is my mom's new boyfriend, Carl.

Phone Lady:  Search for ways _____ get rid _____ kids you don't like.  {Calling mommy.}  Stop, stop!  Hang up, hang up!  Haha, hey!  Mom!  I'm breaking up!  ______________. 

And this {Excuse me} is my new principal, Dwight. 

Everything you have on is breaking Rule #22.

What's Rule #22?

The Code of Conduct.  Read it.  Look what's happening to your shirt.  No one needs _____ see where your chest hairs are ________ be.

So, yeah.  This year's ________ be fun.

No loitering.  Move it, people.

Intense, huh? 

Seriously.  It's like I'm in prison.

No outside food.

No talking.

No laughing.

No going to the bathroom.

It's a pretty common rule.

_________ see, Rafe?  My school, my rules!

This is hilarious.

Hey!  Hand over the notebook.

Rule #26.  Read it out loud.

Rule #26:  Written material deemed inappropriate will be destroyed?

Bring the yellow bucket!

You don't understand!  These drawings mean everything to me!

Creativity has no place in this school.

{Song:  "Welcome to my house."}

Rafe, save us!

Oh no.

Rules are rules.

Your new principal sucks.

No risk, no reward.  We have to fight.

We've ______ take on the establishment.

Alright guys, I've given you all your assignments.  Let's break every rule in the code of conduct to expose Principal Dwight.

All right, Khatchadorian.  I'm in [2].

Let's do it!


____________ doing?

Excited to get to school early [3].


{Song:  "We are the outlaws, the outlaws."}

Oh my gosh!  That _______________ me!

If you get caught, you're ________ end up in a new school called "prison".

I will find the hooligans and I will bring them to justice. 

Uh, the microphone is on the fritz [4], sir.

I... Like... My... Big... Butt... Hahaha.

It's a good day!

{Song:  "We are the outlaws."}

Whoever did this is committed to their art.


[1] Outlaw = a person who has broken the law.
[2] I'm in = I'll join you.  Q: Does anyone want to go to the cinema? A: I'm in = I'll go with you.  The phrase "count me in" is similar.  The phrase "I'm all in" is different; it means I'm fully committed to doing something.
[3] Excited to get to school early = This sentence is difficult to understand, but he's actually saying "I'm just excited to get to school early".  The word "I'm" is missing and the word "just" sounds like "ss" with a hint of a "t" sound.  Then the phrase "to get to" sounds like "da get ta", which also makes the sentence hard to understand.
[4] on the fritz = a piece of equipment or technology that's not working properly.


1) going to [gonna]
2) to [da]
3) of [uh]
4) I've got to go [I gotta go]
5) to [da]
6) going to [going da]
7) going to [gonna]
8) Don't you [don’t chu]
9) got to [gotta]
10) What are you [whadda you]
11) could have been [could a been] = This phrase is interesting because it actually has three levels, depending on how the speaker says the word "have".  Level 1 is the full phrase "could have been".  Level 2 is "could've been" where the word "have" is contracted and often sounds like "ev".  Level 3 is when the "v" disappears, leaving the schwa sound "uh".  All three level can also be written.  If Level 3 is written in a text message, it's usually written "coulda been".  This same thing applies to the phrases "would have" ("woulda") and "should have" ("shoulda").  In fact, someone wrote a book entitled, "Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda: Overcoming Regrets".  Here "woulda" is short for "would have", "coulda" is short for "could have", and "shoulda" is short for "should have".
12) going to [gonna]


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