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November 28, 2017
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#246:  Emergency 911 Call


Background:  A man has trouble breathing, so he calls 911 to get help.  "911" is the phone number we dial here in the USA when there's an emergency.  Here's the conversation between his 5-year-old daughter and 911.  

Instructions:  Listen to the youtube video above and fill in the blanks below (or write your answers on a piece of paper). Beginners can use the list of missing words and phrases, but advanced students should try to fill in the blanks just by listening to the video (without looking at the list of missing words and phrases).  The answers are given at the end of the lesson.

Main Features:  This video has 6 main features:  

1) The "h" is silent in the words "he" [ee], "him" [im], and "here" [ere].
  You'll hear these words 9 times in this video. 
2) The "th" is silent in the world "them" [em].  You'll hear this word 5 times in this lesson. 
3) The phrase "have to" sounds like "hafta".  You'll hear it 3 times. 
4) The word "has" sounds like [ez].  The "h" is silent and the "a" sounds like a short "e" (3 times).  
5) The phrase "you on" [ya on] can be difficult to hear at first because thee are two vowels together.  You'll hear this 3 times in this video.  
6) Combinations of sounds are also difficult to hear sometimes.  This video lessons includes the following combinations: 

-- I need you to [I need ja da];
-- I want you to [I want chu da];
-- try to keep him [try da keep im];
-- trying to go to [tryin da go da]

Missing Words and Phrases (41):  Going to [gonna] (5 times); has [ez] (2 times); has he [ez ee]; have [av]; have to [hafta] (3 times); he [ee] (4 times); here [ere] (2 times); him [im] (3 times); I've got them [I got em]; just going to keep you on [juss gonna keep ya on]; just stay [juss stay]; kind of [kind a]; need you to [need ja da]; needs to [needs da]; them [em] (5 times); to [da]; to me [ta me]; to you [ta you]; try to keep him [try da keep im]; trying to go to bed [tryin da go da bed]; want you to [want chu da]; with you [with ya]; you on [ya on] (2 times).


{You can hear someone breathing.}

Hello?  911. 
Excuse me? 
Are you there?
Tell him. "One".
One, three, four, four. [1]
What's wrong?  What's wrong?
Um, my dad can't hardly breathe. [2]
Ok.  Hold on a second, ok? 
How old are you?
I'm 5 years old.
Ok.  What's your name?
Ok, Savannah.  Hold on.  I'm getting ____ dispatched, ok?
Ok.  He ________ come real fast.
Ok, Savannah,  I have ____ on their way.  Is your daddy still awake?
Ok.  Is your front door unlocked, Savannah?
Uh, is our front door unlocked?  No.
Ok, Savannah.  Can you go unlock that front door for me?
{Unclear.} Don't worry, dad. {Unclear.}  Ok.
Ok, Savannah.  Is the door unlocked?
Uh, yes.
Ok.  _____ your daddy ever had problems like this before?
Uh, what?
Has your daddy ever had this problem before?
Ok.  ______ been sick?
Uh, no.
Ok.  Is _____ still awake?
Ok, Savannah.  Just make sure {stop}.  Just _______________ awake, ok?
Ok.  I have ____ on the {stops}.  I have the ambulance on the way. 
I'm ________ keep ______ the phone, ok?
Ok.  We're in our jammies [3] and we're ___________________, but he can't hardly breathe.
Ok.  Can he talk ______?
Um.  Dad, can you talk _____?
Ok.  Tell him the ambulance is on the way.
The ambulance are on the way.  [4]
Ok, Savannah.  _________ on the line with me, ok?
Ok.  Stay calm, dad.  I know you've had oxygen before, but...
Are you there, Savannah? 
Yeah, I'm still on the phone.
Ok.  Just, uh.  Just let me know if {stops}.  Keep _____ awake, ok?
Ok.  You _______ stay awake.
Just tell _____ the ambulance is on the way, so they'll be there, here in a minute.
Ok.  Um, they'll be here in just a minute.  The ambulance are on the way.  Ok. 
Just let me know...
He really needs oxygen.
He really needs oxygen?
Yes.  Real bad. [5]
Real bad?
Ok.  Well, they're on the way with it so they'll be there, here, in a minute.  I'm _________________________ the line.
Tell me if _____ falls asleep or anything, alright?
Is he still awake?
Ok.  And did you say he's been sick or anything?
Um, have you been sick?
Has {stops}.  Can you ask _____ if this _____ ever happened before?
Has this ever happened?
No.  So far, so good.  He's still awake.
Hey, ask him if he has any _______ chest pain.
Do you have any chest pain?
K. [6]
This is his first time.
Ok. _____________ on their way, so...
Ok.  We're in our jammies and I'm in a tank top [7] so I'll _______ get dressed. 
I know what I'm ________ wear, but he really needs oxygen real fast.  Yes, the door's unlocked.
Ok.  You tell me when you can hear the ambulance, alright?
Ok.  I'm sorry, dad-dad.
You're doing a good job, Savannah.
Ok.  Um, his name is "Frank".
His name is "Frank"?  Well, you're doing a good job, alright, Savannah?  Just stay on the phone.  They should be getting there any minute.
Ok.  Like how many minutes?
Uh, probably only a couple.  They're on the way.  Just make sure your daddy stays awake.
Ok.  You _______ stay awake.  They'll be here in a couple minutes.  I can hear ____.
You can hear ____?
Ok, I may keep ______ the line till they get in the house, alright?
Ok.  It's ok, dad.  It's ok.
Is he still doing ok, Savannah?
Yes, he's ok.
I'm {stops}.  I'll be in my room and I'll be putting on, um...
Say, Savannah?  I ___________ stay there with your daddy, ok? 
I ___________ make sure that _____ stays awake, so...
Ok.  I got that.  And we ____ a dog that's really um small.
So he's friendly?
He's friendly. 
He kind of barks.
He kind of barks?  That's alright though.
You, come on!  {Unclear}  Come on, little one.  Come ____!  Hurry!  Come ____!
Is your dad okay still?
So far, so good.  Ok, we'll turn on the light.
Is _____ still awake, Savannah?
Yeah, he's still awake.
Ok.  The ambulance should be getting there any time.
Ok.  And he looks like he's real shaky.
Hold on, Savannah, ok?
Ok.  Is the fireman there, Savannah?
Um, I don't know...  Uh, yeah.  They're here.
Alright, Savannah.  They're in the house now?
No.  I see the red and white.
Alright, Savannah.  Just tell me when they get in the house, ok?  And I'll disconnect ________.
Ok.  I am real shaky too, so...
You're real shaky too? 
Well, they're there _____ help your daddy, so don't be scared, ok?
Ok.  Are they there? 
{Voices in the background.}
Hey, Savannah.  You did a good job, ok?
{They are in} the room.
Alright, Savannah.  You did a good job!
It's ok, daddy.  I'm ________ go put on...
Ok, I'm ________, I'm ________ go disconnect, ok?


[1] 1344 = The man is telling the girl his address and the girl is repeating the numbers to 911.
[2] My dad can't hardly breathe = The normal way to say this is "My dad can hardly breathe."
[3] jammies = pajamas.
[4] The ambulance are on the way = Since she uses the word "are" (plural), maybe she thinks that the word "ambulance" is "ambulants" (plural) or some form of the word "ants" (plural).
[5] Real bad = very badly. 
[6] K = Ok = Okay.  They're all the same.
[7] Tank top = a type of sleeveless shirt.


1) them [em]
2) needs to [needs da]
3) them [em]
4) Has [ez]
5) Has he [ez ee]
6) he [ee]
7) try to keep him [try da keep im]
8) them [em]
9) going to [gonna]
10) you on [ya on]
11) trying to go to bed [tryin da go da bed]
12) to you [ta you]
13) to me [ta me]
14) Just stay [juss stay]
15) him [im]
16) have to [hafta]
17) him [im]
18) just going to keep you on [juss gonna keep ya on]
19) he [ee]
20) him [im]
21) has [ez]
22) kind of [kind a]
23) I've got them [I got em]
24) have to [hafta]
25) going to [gonna]
26) have to [hafta]
27) them [em]
28) them [em]
29) you on [ya on]
30) want you to [want chu da]
31) need you to [need ja da]
32) he [ee]
33) have [av]
34) here [ere]
35) here [ere]
36) he [ee]
37) with you [with ya]
38) to [da]
39) going to [gonna]
40) going to [gonna]
41) going to [gonna]

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