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March 2, 2017
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Ethiopia is good topic for the first post on Englishbaby, isn't it?

So,a short account about Ethiopia... Follow us here http://historystack.com/Ethiopian_Empire if you want to get information about this topic. Eastern Africa is considered the origin of human, thus men lived here more than 2 millions years. They even spread from here all over then World. They neighbor Egyptians  guested this place and called it Punt, or Golden land. The first  Ethiopian kingdom, Aksum kingdom, was founded in near 100 year. In 1270 the usurper came here, and called that he was an offspring of Solomon, Jewish ruler of the united kingdom of Israel, and it is why must be the king. This emperor was a native of the  Habesha. For this people Ethiopia gained its name by which it was known for centuries i.e.Abyssinia.

Since year 1769 a period of disintegration of the country started, when feudal officials competed between themselves, and the authority of the ruler became very weak. This problems continued until the start of the raise of Tewodro II, who managed to unite the kingdom. In a little while during a storm Magdala castle by the British forces, this king was forced to commit suicide .

Further,The state of Italy connected  division of Africa, beginning a long interesting war against Ethipian empire. In 1889 Italy concluded a peace with Ehtiopia, but, each party understood the document in their own way due to of false translation of the word "may" in agreement as "must". With the Mussolini's raise to power, he began to wish renascence of the power of his country and commenced a new war against Abyssinia. In this war, the Italian were successful, especially due to banned using of chemical weapon. Haile Selassie I was managed to escape to British empire, when the king of Italy, Victor Emmanuel III accepted the post of Emperor of Ethiopia. In the World War II, army of the British expelled Italian forces out and backed Haile Selassie, who would occupied the post for 30 years.

In 1974, the commie reached Black continent and the Empire fell...

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