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September 4, 2017
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I'm a 13 year old boy from Gothemburg, Sweden. My real name is Love, and yes that is a real name... BUT IT IS A SWEDISH NAME AND NOT PRONUNCED LIKE LOVE! okay got that out of the way... I don't really know what to write in a blog since I'm making this blog as a school-project and I have never read or written any blog before... So I will have to freestyle!

As I was saying we have this school project/homework called "30-day-challenge" where we shall do stuff in english everyday for 30 days, aaand I've kind of failed at that... As I'm writing this, I have forgot three days of the "30-day-challenge"! So today at 20:24 I will have to do three things, and one of those is writing this blog. I can't lie, it was pretty fun writing this blog actually :)

Well I will have to stop now cuz you know, I got three more things to do in english this night!


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