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May 9, 2017
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TV host Miriam Pielhau has won her seemingly hopeless fight against cancer after two years. "The prospects were gloomy," said the 40-year-old actors of the "Bild" newspaper. It had already been written off by the doctors. "The professor who examined me said," Get used to the thought - you will not be healthy anymore, "Pielhau describes her experiences in the hospital.
After a first disease of breast cancer in 2008, she learned in January 2014 that metastases were growing all over her body. Then the surprising turnaround, after chemotherapy and countless other treatments. A month ago, a doctor told her that she was cancer-free. "I have done something that many and I also feel as miracles."

Miriam Pielhau used Tinder as a cancer therapy

Pielhau also experimented with unconventional treatment methods. "A doctor even recommended me to fall in love - as an immune booster, so I spent a while on Tinder with wig," said the former presenter of ProSieben magazine "Taff". "It was very funny at first full lace virgin hair wigs, but then, because I felt like I was still a woman ... even in my condition."
To deal with the suffering period, Pielhau wrote a book entitled "Dr. Hope", which will be released next Monday. This is about her girlfriend Johanna, who is suffering from cancer. "I am that Johanna," said Pielhau. "I invented them to be able to write more easily, and at a distance, about myself, the cancer, the struggle, the suffering, and my hope."

12:40 PM May 13 2017

United States

Wow, she is really inspirational for others. She being suffering from cancer didn't devastate her but she turned it into strength and became cancer therapist. Truely inspirational, thank you for sharing it with us i ll share this on my personal blog http://www.muestradecineespanol.com/how-to-find-reliable-dissertation-writing-company.html for my daughter thanks

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