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Hello, there! Yeah, you, I am talking to you. Sorry, I don't catch you... Ah, are you saying I am a stranger? I suppose everyone is stranger before meeting:)



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    Sometimes i do watch smack cam videos but for me these are childish. I think, pranks...

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December 31, 2016
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Hello from my little window that opens to many others and behind each is a person and that person is a universe in itself. Now, imagine, each universe is looking for itself in others.

They say humans are social animals and it would be impossible to keep them solitary. After fulfilling appetites from foods for their bodies; socializing is the food for their soul. 

Whatever they do or they learn; comes from the experience of ages.  Every person is the reflection in which humans see themselves; their thinking, their skills, and their capabilities are the sums of the history of mankind.


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I had spoiled my hands in so many things that i ended up being dilettante. When I was child i love to collect stamps and coins. But now I feel how boring i used to be. In teenage I used to smoke cigarettes, and like to wear black sunglasses and pretend to understand great classical writers.In youth i developed a taste for politics and i was so naive at that time that i used to believe on the promises of politicians :) Nowadays, I don't waste time on anything and i try to live my life in moments. Ah, taking down lots of oxygen to my lungs. I have so much oxygen in my lungs that I can keep talking for unlimited period of time. :)

I like everything that is refine, expensive, and beyond my pockets reach. I like to have white house for living. Fleet of Rolls Royce for travelling. At least dozen of personal airplanes and helicopters. Ha, the list is very long my dear. But still, I am quite happy, despite I don't have any of that I mentioned above. :)

I dislike all those persons that don't flatter me. I don't like critics (this is just an irony on how human behave, in general) :) I can't stand near those who speak and speak and speak and they don't give me chance to express my refinement (specially this irony is true for ladies). I also don't have alliance with paparazzi and journalists (this one is true for of celebrities in general; which I am not of course). :)

I love the color of my dreams. I also love red color passion. Blue sky. Golden sun. Green forests. Red chilly.

If I am really hungry than even the basics will turned into favorite and if my stomach is full even royal banquet will be a vomit for me.

After my workout I would not exchange water for the most expensive of champagne.

I love passionate vocals coming straight from the heart and soul of a singer. In instruments, I like violin, flute, drums, piano and what not and what not.

I love artistic movies. Before watching a movie I would definitely double check its producer name.

: www.etymonline.com/