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March 9, 2017
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Have you ever wondered where all your hard earned money runs off to? You don’t party every night, neither you are on drugs nor consume alcohol that you forget where you end spending it. You don’t go to one of thoseclubseither.

It is all about little things you see. When you take charge of the smaller things in life and begin controlling them the bigger things automatically falls into place such as if you curtail on the list of excessive wastes you make, you’d be saving a fortune for yourselves. You don’t believe a word I say, well, read on to find out.

Buying brand name products

Non-branded items are often looked down upon as if they don’t offer the same value as their branded counterparts. This has to be the most absurd notion. Just because it doesn’t carry a label doesn’t mean it doesn’t deliver.

On an off chance, the thing bought may not be as desired but that is not always the case. But, believe you me that this is the most efficient way of saving money yet under-utilized. The products such as food, skincare and OTC drugs, grocery etc. I am not asking to risk your health here by picking any medicine (in the case of OTC drugs), but their generic versions comprise identical constituents.

It is not a must to seek brand driven medications, you can also ask for the prescribed medicine’s generic version from your pharmacist. Anyway, enough with drugs (that was just an example) but the point being, not caring for brands can save you a lot of money.

Grocery shopping when you’re hungry

Now look, grocery is purchased (ideally speaking) at the start of the month and it is a carefully planned list so that all the needed items for the household are rationed. You don’t want to be running to the store day-in-day-out for the items of daily use. That much you knew, right?

But there is a new trend that whenever you are hungry let’s take a trip to the grocery store and buy something. You may have initially intended to purchase a Pringles and a coke but being a human being, you then acted on impulse. You bought ‘XYZ’ items that you didn’t need which could have waited till the next month’s grocery shopping or another fortnight (so to speak).

So do yourself a favor and avoid unwanted visits to the grocery store (until absolutely necessary), and go easy on your wallet.

Paying for cable

Cable has pretty much died away. Your favorite TV shows can now be streamed online on Netflix or viewed on YouTube or downloaded in this torrent laden age. The need for cable may still be relevant to the generation of Baby Boomers but other than that we Millennials don’t care or have lost the interest.

Paying someone else for simple car repairs

Car maintenance becomes a nuisance for us if we haven’t learned to exercise minor car repairs ourselves. The reason could be that we have become increasingly caught up in our lives due to busy schedules and don’t find time to learn the tricks of the trade.

But what we don’t realize is that when we park our cars at the mechanic’s, the money is just flying away from our wallets without even us noticing. Because given it’s a machine, it will keep generating revenue expenditure for you so you might as well learn a thing or two about your car and curtail on the money spending.

Heck, you can browse for videos online where how-to videos for newbies in all walks of life are available (okay, almost all). You will see that your saving has increased and that in the process you have learned skills that will continue to come in handy. Oh, and don’t crack open the engine leave that for the car mechanic.

Taking expiration dates as law

Although, it is a good practice to adhere to what the expiration date says on the label but you also have to use your brain at times. I say this because if you see you can tell about a perishable item whether or not it is stale or still fresh by funky smells and/or certain colors that it takes upon being expired.

Other than that you can always store in cool, dry place preferably in a freezer (in the case of raw meat). If its cereal, beans or anything of the sort it can very well stay edible. With raw meat and items such bread you can always thaw them and start consuming.

Employ checking online databases for shelf-life of edible items to double check the expiration date with that on the product’s label.


So yeah above are some way ways you can always bank on to actually save you some cash and cut wastages from your budget.

Author Bio: Rosege is an entrepreneur and loves to blog in her leisure time. You can contact to ReadyAssignment.co.uk purposes. For more updates, you can follow her on his social media channels namely; Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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