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Donald Trump promised Kim Jong Un a "fire and fury like the world has never seen"

Donald Trump promised Kim Jong Un a "fire and fury like the world has never seen"


August 11, 2017


Houthi  Insurgents Targeted Mecca with Scud Missiles

Houthi Insurgents Targeted Mecca with Scud Missiles

July 31, 2017

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مستشار الرئيس للشؤون الدينية، محمود الهباش :" نشيد بأهل القدس وجيش محمد سوف يعود .. جيشٌ شهداؤه محاميد، وقيادةٌ على رأسها محمود سوف تنتصر بإذن الله". Revolutionary Guards of Iran murdered millions of people in Iran, Syria, Iraq, Yeman and so many other countries. and they think whatever they do, Dear Allah will forgive them and they would go to heaven. Zionisem Love and Justice

Zionisem Love and Justice

August 15, 2017


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| 08:32 AM Aug 13 2017


United States

yes, but “a real stupid” isn’t a complete phrase.
“is really stupid” would end the sentence.
“a really stupid man”
the letter “a” requires something to identify.
Not sure how to explain the difference between “real” and “really” in this use. They mean the same, but one fits and one doesn’t.
Don’t worry about it though, using “real” instead of “really” is common enough but you won’t pass a test using it.

| 03:07 AM Aug 13 2017


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

so i should say a real stupid

| 11:44 AM Aug 12 2017



this is the world that Obama left us..isnt it?
no need to make WW3 all what we need is to get rid of one man Kim… and we solve the problem.

| 08:37 AM Aug 12 2017


United States

Trump: a real city slicker.
And I hate presidential tweets. A twit who twitters, it makes us all look bad in my opinion.
He’s old enough to know better.

| 08:23 AM Aug 12 2017


United States

actually, the exact opposite.
Review the meaning of “hick”.
I’m a hick, not him. Most people I know around here are hicks.
A “Hick” is a person who is unsophisticated in the ways of the big city. Like me.
“Hick” isn’t generally considered a pejorative unless you meant it that way.
Trump is a “city slicker”, a person from the city who cons, lies, and steals from hicks.
It’s not a serious pejorative either.
Don’t blame Trump for this, Obama had the same problems and made the same threats, but nothing we did made us safer, we are in more danger now than if we’d have destroyed their ability 20 years ago.
Negotiations didn’t work, threats didn’t work, sanctions didn’t work. Are we supposed to let that madman launch an attack on us or our allies?
Blame Kim, he’s the one threatening to kill millions of people at his whim, it’s just more fashionable to blame the USA.
I honestly hope North Korea comes to it’s senses.
They hate us even more than the Anti-Zionists do!
With the US-Russia problems, the West-Umma problems, the India-China problems, and North Korea, it’s a very scary world out there!

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