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United States

Who really kills Palestinians?

Who really kills Palestinians?


September 6, 2017


It's easy to blame America but where are their adults? Iran will bring peace to the ME

Iran will bring peace to the ME

September 6, 2017


Who kills Palestinian kids? The war does. End the stupid war. Who is killing Palestinian kids?

Who is killing Palestinian kids?

September 6, 2017


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| 03:46 PM Sep 13 2017


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

you say :”In Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Iran kill.”
Your comments are full of prejudice and anger against the Iranian government Without solid reasons always,iran help to yemeni legal army and some groups againsts saudi arabia and you know saudi arabia is an adversary to Yemen.and iran is number one supporter of palastine but your gavernment just say talk about palestine .iran dont kill any civilians in yemen like saudi arabia it is not complex issue really!!

| 12:33 PM Sep 12 2017


United States

Warned you.
Idiotic blaming of the continuing deaths on those who want the war to end is the kind of lies terrorists like Hamas tell.
Tell them elsewhere, from the safety of Algeria.
The only nation to defeat France in…oh wait.
It was France.
Get over yourself.

| 10:37 AM Sep 09 2017



The biggest issue is that You don’t recognize the evil that your nation committed through the history and try to blame islam.
Your nation from its foundation was a source of pain and evil for other nations, from the indigenous people of America that your berly massacred from from their land, to Black africans that you slaved and controlled over 400 years, and now wars that spread evil and instability in the world, and you come to blame others for saying lies.
Your nation fonction as a company from its existence and thinks about how to get money from other nations however that cost, even if the price was other nations destruction and madsacres.
Before Trump became officially a president, I told you that he works as he is managing a company, and all the world is watching his deeds, a total selfishness towards other nations.
The peace will come back to Palestine when the Zionists leave as other occupiers left.

| 12:10 PM Sep 07 2017


United States

All of this is because you object to Hamas being blamed as terrorists who contribute to the suffering in Palestine.
Not my problem, it’s still true.
Hamas is one of the major contributors to the suffering of the children in Palestine.
End your stupid war.

| 12:06 PM Sep 07 2017


United States

“victim nations”? South Korea was a victim nation of us?
He blames us for Chinese deaths when it was CHINA who invaded Korea after the North Koreans had all but lost the war they started!!!
He blames us for all Soviet deaths in Vietnam and for the deaths of Saddam’s Revolutionary Guards long after WWII ended.
The South Koreans weren’t victims of ours, we saved them from the same horrible fate the North suffers from even now. South Koreans are doing very well while the Communist North is starving to death.
Read a book.
Did we “victimize” Panama? The tyrant drug dealer is sitting in our prisons and the Panamanian people now fully control the Panama Canal.
Read a book.
20 million?
Read a different book, that’s preposterous.
This guy is like Anderson and Chomsky, an idiot who makes his living selling hate to other people who hate and who need something to quote.
Of the “20 million” he’s included all dead killed by anyone in a war that the US was involved in.
You listen to the lies of the professional rabble-rouser.
They take advantage of your ignorance for their gain.
If we can scroll back time to include all of the wars Islam has fought since it was founded, the numbers murdered by your religion far outnumber those killed in the entire history of the USA.
So what?
It only matters to those who know no better.