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know the ropes

know the ropes

Date: Jun 08 2006


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“We needed some leadership guys that know the ropes and have been around.”

Paul Silas, coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA basketball team.


1. Definition - Study the definition.

know how to do something

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

Someone who knows the ropes is experienced and understands how things work. For example, someone who has been a lawyer for 10 or 15 years probably knows the ropes of the legal system. Likewise, an experienced teacher knows the ropes of the classroom.

In the example above, coach Paul Silas is saying the he needed some players with experience on the team. New players often have a lot of energy and motivation, but they don’t know the ropes of professional basketball.


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

“Lana just started her new job so she doesn’t know the ropes yet.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

guys that know how to do the job
by Zully Tabarez
to know the rules
by knoppers25
by getsetgo
by lhuie
are experienced and have the knowledge
by nectarine
FSH a person who knows how to pass the difficult way to the success
by FSH
danhp1 understand everything there is to know about the tasks
by danhp1
a limit
by knoppers25
Annet exact meaning is to be in the know :-))) to know the matter of something and be able to take a right decision in situation....like that :-)))
by Annet
Someone who understands how to lead others to the right directions.And he's already on the way.
by juchun
we need a leader
by al
witch_not know the tricks; know the game
by witch_not
witch_not definitely, someone who's experienced and knows a system
by witch_not
tina.xu know the problem solutions
by tina.xu
know the big picture or know the details
by liujinhibox
by hsn1
experienced guys, who know the system well
by mwalid
well experienced and knows how the system works
by mwalid
to know own task, duty.
by goon56
sherryleio knows the rules for doing something
by sherryleio
kai_ng1 know stategy, have experience.
by kai_ng1
ymi to know something inside out
by ymi
know the trick of the profession
by Kti
To be experienced.
by Erika
hossein99 know how a particular job should be done
by hossein99
marili I think he refers to people with personal experience in everything referring to this sport game.
by marili
kocakurt ı think that means somebody who has experience and know how to achieve,knows what required and to be able to obtain results....
by kocakurt
It means to understand how an organisation works.
by arbayat2001
know the rules,get them
by cuthbert
being expert
by ruhollah111
It means "to know the knack, to know how to do something very well".
by changge12345
perdust organize the group
by perdust
istvan52 experienced, skilled people
by istvan52
I think it refers to an ability to understand the ways of the old.
by Pamlyn Redrick
To be informed about the details of a situation or task
by mrgiba
accustomed to hard training?
by wonkapet
I think "know the ropes" means "understand well about condition to do something".
by freetofly_th
bulcao know how to organize something
by bulcao
Know the ropes means that know the situation(ropes here used for situation)
by mumtaz khan
know the ropes its mean know everything about something,i think..;)
by web_girl
by abhishek

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