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Learn English meaning of cosplay

Date: Jun 17 2016

Themes: Fashion, Hobbies, Pop Culture

Grammar: Relative Pronouns


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When you were a child, you probably had a fantasy of being someone else. Maybe, you fantasized about being your favorite comic-book character, like Wonder Woman or The Tick. Do you still dream about being a super hero? Many people share this dream. In fact, so many people like to dress up in comic-book costumes that there is a large network of comic-book fans. These fan can go to Comic-Con.

People share the hobby of cosplay at Comic-Con. Cosplayers study their favorite characters and then spend time sewing costumes. Some people think that cosplay is juvenile, but many love this escape from their day-to-day lives. They can meet friends at Comic-Con and forget about their worries for a short time. And they get to share their creativity with others.

Gary is confused because there are many people wearing costumes in town. Listen as he and Jessica talk about cosplay in today’s English lesson.


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Gary:  I didn’t know that Halloween was happening already.

Jessica:  Is it?

Gary:  I saw people dressed up in costumes all over the place.

Jessica:  They were probably going to the Comic-Con convention that’s happening right now.

Gary:  Oh! Those were cosplayers.

Jessica:  Yes, they were. One of my friends is really into cosplay, and she makes her own costumes and is very creative when it comes to the characters that she dresses up as.

Gary:  Wow! I guess it’s a great way for people to just escape their day-to-day lives and just play in this fantasy world. And, I guess, also practice skills with sewing and designing costumes.

Jessica:  Exactly! It’s also a really great way to build a network of friends and peers who are also in love with that hobby.

Gary:  I’ve actually heard a lot of people say that they think these people should just grow up, but it seems more like a fun way for people to celebrate something that they like.

Jessica:  Yeah, it may seem juvenile, but I really think it could be cool. Maybe, we should check out Comic-Con.

Gary:  When does it close?

Jessica:  I don’t know. Let’s go right now.


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Gary is confused because people are dressed up in costume, and it isn’t Halloween. Jessica tells him that these people are cosplayers, and they are going to the Comic-Con convention. One of Jessica’s good friends loves cosplay. She studies her favorite comic-book characters and then sews fantasy costumes. Jessica thinks that she is very creative.

Gary can understand why people might like cosplay. He thinks it would be a healthy way to escape normal life for a short time. He and Jessica agree that cosplay is a little childish, but they don’t have a problem with this. In fact, they think it sounds like fun and decide to go check out Comic-Con.

Have you ever gone to Comic-Con? If you could be any comic-book character, who would you be?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I have not gone to Comic-con but it is fun,i like to be Ironman.

11:10 AM Jun 17 2016 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Cosplay is a part of mainstream culture and it’s related to culture of reading books in us. It’s interesting some people in big cities in US because of boring day-to-day lives have these kinds of hobbies which encourage them to be creative.

I like comic books and comic TV shows. We need something fun, something which is healthy way to escape life’s boring problems.

07:38 AM Jun 17 2016 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

no,I havnt.but I like to go.

I like to be sponge bob squarepants.

07:14 AM Jun 17 2016 |

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jolefrancaisSuper Member!


it sounds a little bit crazy but why not afterall; it could be a great way to escape from a boring day to day lives and that really matter. Passion is really important. I have never participated in a such event like Comin-con cause i’m not a big fan on comic.

02:44 AM Jun 17 2016 |



No. I haven’t ever gone to comic-con.

But I would be the little girl in <heptachromic flower> when I was a child. I ever really wanted to be that girl when my father was heavy cough. I would thought that if I were that girl I would have the seven pieces of flower. I would cure my parent’s illness in that poor age with that flower.

When I felt the injustice I would be a superman who had the super power to conquer all the unfair things. When I thought that I could be feeling a little comfortable.


06:34 PM Jun 16 2016 |

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