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One’s Bark is Worse than One’s Bite
One’s Bark is Worse than One’s Bite English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of ‘one’s bark is worse than one’s bite’

Date: Jul 19 2016

Themes: How To, Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Adjectives


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You probably know someone who doesn’t have many friends. Maybe, this person speaks very loudly, and others think he is yelling. Or perhaps, this person seems really tough and intense. However, he is probably a good person and kind to his friends. He might just seem to be mean or rude but actually have a warm heart. You could say that his bark is worse than his bite.

We use the expression “one’s bark is worse than one’s bite” to describe people who look or act mean but are really nice. In fact, anyone might have a bark that is worse than their bite on some days. Can you remember a day when you were angry? Maybe, you yelled at a friend or said something mean to a stranger. You didn’t want to be so intense, but you felt mad. In this situation, your bark was worse than your bite.

The Travel Bug team is waiting for the director. Some of them are nervous because he is intense. Watch today’s English lesson to find out if his bark is worse than his bite.

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Dominique:  I’m nervous. What if I forget what I’m supposed to say or do?

Sheila:  Don’t worry. That’s what the director is here for… to make sure everything goes smoothly. There is one thing, though.

Dominique:  What?

Sheila:  He can be a little intense. But trust me, his bark is worse than his bite. He sounds tough, but he’s really nice. He just wants to make sure everything goes well.

Andy_H:  Did you say intense? How do you mean, intense?

Sheila:  Well…

Dominique:  That’s not making me feel better, what if he gets angry because I’m supposed to…

Sheila:  Shhh. Shh! It’s OK, don’t worry.

Director:  Hello, darling.

Sheila:  Hello!

Director:  You look smashing. Absolutely fab.

Sheila:  Thank you!

Director:  Oh! And who are these lovelies?

Sheila:  This is Dominique, Andy, Kelsey, and our intern should be around here somewhere….

Director:  Pleasure. Wonderful to meet you. Mmmm. Hm-mm!

Sheila:  What?

Director:  Is that what you plan to wear?

Andy_H:  I mean, I was, but I guess I can…

Director:  Think colorful. What’s your name?

Kelsey:  Kelsey.

Director:  Like Kelsey here. More colorful! Kelsey is your color wheel. Alright? Where’s the coffee?

Sheila:  Jordin should be here with it any second now…

Director:  Excellent. It’s going to be a wonderful day. We’ll get started in a minute!

Dominique:  Well, I’m more nervous now.

Kelsey:  I see what she means, his bark is worse than his bite.

Andy_H:  I’m confused….


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The Travel Bug team is waiting to meet the director who will help them with their commercial. Dominique is really nervous because she has never been on TV. Sheila tries to make her feel better. She tells Dominique that the director seems tough, but he is actually very kind. This makes Dominique more nervous.

Suddenly, the director arrives. He tells Sheila that she looks beautiful and asks who her friends are. He says that it is very nice to meet them all. Then, he sees Andy’s clothes. He thinks Andy needs to wear more colors, like Kelsey. Next, he asks where his coffee is. Sheila tells him that Jordin will bring it, and he relaxes. He says that it will be a fantastic day. Kelsey is happy, but Dominique and Andy don’t know what to think.

Do you know someone whose bark is worse than their bite? Is your bark worse than your bite sometimes?



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joao correia


I’m this 

Unfortunately because many friends don’t understand me!

They thinks that I am bad or rude or no polite.

But I am just intense,  speak loudly , sometimes sounds that I’m nervous or upset but is nothing this it. Is just my way of to be.

10:59 AM Oct 01 2016 |




My colleague is like that. Her bark is worse than her bite. She’s good person but her personality is tough for all the people.

05:07 AM Sep 27 2016 |


ola3Super Member!


Donald Trump I think.

02:38 AM Jul 22 2016 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

My brother’s bark is worse than his bite he is kind but sometimes nervous and yelling.sometimes my bark is worse than my bite when i am angry.

12:23 PM Jul 19 2016 |



United States

I could be very intence when I am angry. So I guess my bark worse than my bite occasionally. 

07:42 AM Jul 19 2016 |

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