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Grab a Bite
Grab a Bite English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of ‘grab a bite’

Date: Jun 27 2017

Themes: Food, Soap Opera, Travel

Grammar: Conjunctions


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Getting hungry is part of being human. Many cultures eat about three meals each day. In the US, we call these meals breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At each meal, there is often fruit or vegetables, meat or another protein, and something like bread or rice. But what about when your stomach is growling between meals? Many of us like to just grab a bite at these times.

When you grab a bite to eat, you usually have a snack. This isn’t a substantial meal but just something small to keep you feeling good. For example, you might snack on pretzels with mustard, potato chips, or beef jerky. On the other hand, you might prefer something healthier, like an apple, a small salad, or a peanut butter sandwich. No matter what, when your stomach growls, it’s time to grab a bite.

Kelsey is finally awake, but she is hungry! Find out if the team has time to get a quick bite in today’s English soap opera.

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Kelsey:  Where is everyone?

Jordin:  Dominique and Andy… They needed to stretch their legs.

Kelsey:  Oh. I’m hungry. How are you doing? Do you want to grab a bite?

Jordin:  I’m OK. I had this great big breakfast before we left.

Kelsey:  I think I need to grab something. My stomach’s growling.

Jordin:  Sure. You should. I’ll wait here.

Kelsey:  OK.

Dominique:  Kelsey’s awake!

Andy_H:  Hey!

Kelsey:  I’m so hungry.

Andy_H:  I am, too. I just bought a bunch of stuff, jerky, chips, pretzels…. I’ll share with you.

Kelsey:  That’s really nice, but I think I need something more substantial.

Dominique:  We can go to a restaurant and grab a quick bite.

Kelsey:  Do we have time?

Dominique:  We are way ahead of schedule. You should eat something before your big show.

Kelsey:  OK, sounds good.

Andy_H:  Appetizer?

Kelsey:  Nah… OK, pretzels.

Andy_H:  OK! I have regular, twist, peanut butter, peanut butter twist, dijon, honey dijon…

Kelsey:  I’ll have peanut butter twist.

Andy_H:  OK.


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Kelsey wakes up. The car is parked, and Jordin is the only person in it with her. Jordin tells her that Dominique and Andy took a short walk. Kelsey is really hungry, and she asks if Jordin wants to grab a bite. Jordin ate a lot this morning, but she tells Kelsey that she should get some food. Kelsey’s stomach is growling, so she goes to find a bite.

Outside, Dominique and Andy meet Kelsey. Andy’s stomach was also growling, so he bought some snacks. He tells Kelsey that he will share, but she is looking for something more substantial. Dominique says that they are ahead of schedule, so they can stop at a restaurant. This sounds great, but Kelsey also agrees to share some pretzels with Andy.

When did you last grab a bite? Is your stomach growling now?



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I always grab a bite when I am hungry and that is the reason why I am so fat now.

05:20 AM Aug 07 2017 |



I always grab a bite when I was hungry and that si th ereason why that I am so fat now.

05:20 AM Aug 07 2017 |



It’s 13:00, so my stomach is growling, need to cook…

05:16 AM Jun 27 2017 |

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At about 6:30, I last grabbed a bite today and it also was our family breakfast’ time every day.

No. my stomach is not growling now. it is full. Every day I and my child and children must have breakfast and must be full. It is my family’s habit. so that we can be sure the energy at the whole morning going work or studying.

Even though, I still feel growling near the noon before the lunch. 

06:42 PM Jun 26 2017 |

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