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Hold Up
Hold Up English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of ‘hold up’

Date: Jul 18 2017

Themes: Music, Soap Opera

Grammar: You're vs. Your


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The world moves very fast these days. People seem to be in such a hurry. Rushing to work, rushing to school, rushing home, rushing through dinner. People are in too much of a hurry to walk, so they take the elevator. They barely have time to stop and hang with their friends. Sometimes, you just want the world to hold up for a second, so you can catch your breath. It would be so nice to have some time to ping your best friend and go to a music gig, but even enjoyable activities can be stressful if you don’t have time to hold up.

When you hold up, you stop what you are doing and wait for a second or two. If you are out hiking with your friends, and they get too far ahead of you on the trail, you might ask them to hold up. You might be talking with someone on the phone, and they are telling a story. If they say something you don’t understand, you might interrupt them and ask them to hold up.

Kelsey was on the way to her gig, but she got lost. Watch as Andy tells Kelsey to hold up and worriedly searches for her.


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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.







Kelsey:  Hello? Andy? Hello?

Andy_H:  Kelsey! Where are you?

Kelsey:  I don’t know. All the hallways look the same. I’m not sure if the elevator took me up or down. There’s no number on anything.

Andy_H:  You’re not still in the elevator, are you?

Kelsey:  No, I’m in a hallway, but I’m going to take the elevator.

Andy_H:  Sorry to interrupt, but just hold up on that, OK?

Kelsey:  Why?

Andy_H:  Dominique and I are trying to find you. So, wherever you are, just stay there, and we’ll find you.

Kelsey:  I’m nervous that I’m going to be late for the show.

Andy_H:  It’s OK. There’s still time.

Kelsey:  OK, I’m just going to…

Andy_H:  I’ll find you.

Dominique:  Hello?

Andy_H:  I found her!

Dominique:  You did!

Andy_H:  Well… I mean, I pinged her.

Dominique:  You pinged her?

Andy_H:  I got ahold of her on my phone. She said that she’s in a hallway.

Dominique:  So, you haven’t found her.

Andy_H:  Well, not per se, but…

Dominique:  Andy, what are you doing?

Andy_H:  Running through a staircase. Ahhh!

Dominique:  Hold up! I can barely hear you.

Andy_H:  OK. OK! OK. I called her. And she answered, but she doesn’t know where she is. So, I told her to hang there, and we’d find her. So, I’m running up the stairs to find her… unless she’s back downstairs…. So, if I don’t find her, I’ll go back down. But she’s worried she’s not going to make her gig on time, and I’m worried that she’s not going to be able to find us, and….

Dominique:  OK, OK. I’m going up the stairs now, too.


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Kelsey was on the way to her gig, and she got lost. Andy calls her on her phone. Kelsey says that she is in a hallway somewhere. She wants to take the elevator, but she’s not sure where she is. Andy tells her to hold up. Andy tells Kelsey to stay where she is, and he will find her.

Andy calls Dominique to tell her that he pinged Kelsey. He hasn’t found her yet, but he spoke to her on the phone. He is worried they won’t be able to find her. He tells Dominique that he’s going to run through the staircases and hallways until he finds Kelsey. Dominique tells Andy that she is going to go up the stairs as well.

Have you ever been lost? When was the last time you had to hold up and wait for a friend?



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United States

I came across this word quite a many times after accessing my rush essay discount code and was wondering what it meant. Now I know. Thank you.

07:36 AM Jul 09 2018 |

eduardosoutoSuper Member!


No, I have never been lost!

Most part of times that I speak with my wife on the phone she makes me hold up! haha

01:20 PM Jul 18 2017 |


ml2000Super Member!


Perhaps time can be thought in terms of money, people tend to appreciate anything that can save their time. With nowadays technology, everything comes and goes so quickly that we are not able to hold up for a little while and catch our breath. We become a slave to the technology. People get lost because they are way too hurry to think about where they are. They need to hold up for a while and reflect on who and where they are at the moment.

12:47 PM Jul 18 2017 |



 Yes. When I came to a new place, I could be lost. Sometimes, when the weather is cloudy, I might lost my bearings. I couldn’t clear the north and the south, or the west and the east.  

   Oh. The last time I lost my way was very very long long ago. Was it about my best friend or about my boyfriend?  When I went the place where my boyfriend lived firstly, when I went out the inter-city bus station, I lost my way. My boyfriend told me he would pick up me and let me stay there to wait for him. I don’t remember which year it was. But ,I like the feeling when I saw him when I was lost. The moment was very emotional. 

06:38 PM Jul 17 2017 |

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