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Second Conditional

We use the second conditional (also sometimes called the "present unreal conditional") to talk about a situation that is not real or is unlikely to happen and what might happen as a result.

For example, I might say, "If I had a million dollars, I would go on a trip around the world." I don't have a million dollars. That situation is unreal. But if I did have a million dollars, an around-the-world trip might happen.

The second conditional is formed with two clauses. The first clause consists of if + subject + past tense verb, as in "If I loved her...." The second clause is formed with "subject + would + verb, as in "...I would marry her." All together, the sentence looks like this: "If I loved her, I would marry her."

Note that you can also use should, could, or might instead of would with the second conditional.

Second Conditional Grammar Quiz

  1. If she you, she would let you know.

  2. If I one million dollars, I would buy a big house.

  3. If my friend Ana saw Leonardo DiCaprio, she for an autograph.

  4. If my parents a present, I would be very happy.

  5. If John know so many good jokes, he would not be such a good comedian.

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Excellent information, by the way, I understand that you can use “were” instead “if”.It is the same with “unless”? If your answer is yes. Could you give me an example?. 


03:59 PM Jan 08 2016 |


United States

If I were younger than now, I would make a better life with my experience.

12:51 AM Dec 28 2015 |



If i were president, i would help poor people. (Teacher duque)

Angelo garzon 4to “A”

07:51 AM Jun 19 2015 |



If I were a teacher, I would send the homework by internet, too.   (teacher duque)

Yuri Chacon 4to “A” 

09:11 AM Jun 16 2015 |

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If I were Professional football player, I would help to poor people

Salvador Silva 4to “A” “Musiclover” (teacher Duque) 

07:28 PM Jun 15 2015 |

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If i had the opportunity to move out , i would move out to Zurich, Switzerland. 

4to “A” – “Musiclover” (Chirino´s English Professor)

07:20 PM Jun 15 2015 |

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If I had one wish it would be a genius much money

4to “B” “Musiclover”-(teacher Duque)

pedro Urrutia 

02:23 PM Jun 15 2015 |

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If I studied much , I would help to my family

4to “B” “Musiclover”-(teacher Duque)

08:05 AM Jun 15 2015 |

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