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What does "read between the lines" mean?

Vocabulary Word: read between the lines

1. Definition (v.) to find hidden meanings; to look past what is said to find truth

Examples She didn’t exactly say I had the job, but it was easy to read between the lines.”

“Sheri isn’t very direct with people. If you want to know if she likes you or not, you’ll have to read between the lines

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United States

It is like having a foresight into the words of what others are using. When you write paper it very important to have a deeper meaning. It enables people to understand your thoughts as they will read between the lines.

03:47 AM Apr 05 2018 |

Dwi Eff


I don’t exactly know what’s this all about; I guess I have to read more between the lines.

08:59 PM Mar 18 2013 |

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Dwi Eff


I don’t know what all these about mean

08:52 PM Mar 18 2013 |





12:59 AM Mar 06 2013 |

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