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January 9, 2010

<Improving your LOGIC & CLEAN essay> 


The most important thing, before even writing, is thinking. What is my opinion about the subject being discussed ? I make a clear distinction between two kinds of ideas :
- the prejudice(s) I have about the subject. It's usually the first idea that comes to my mind. I believe it's from social, cultural interactions and learning that prejudices quickly spread around.
- then I go further : do I agree with my first opinion ? Or do I have the felling that something is wrong about it ? If I have, then I try to explain it. I check that I agree with the consequences, the hypothesises... I'm only relieved when I'm sure the latest idea I found is my opinion.

You may be quite surprised because of so much intuition in such a logical process. But think about this : the reason(s) we try to find are often just the consequences of the feeling that something is getting wrong. And, maybe you know the necessity of intuition in mathematics : if you don't have any idea of the answer, how could you build any demonstration ?


introduction, demonstration, conclusion. When answering to any written question, these steps must be completed : if anything lacks, the copy won't even be read sometimes !
What is interesting, is that every part of the text can be sub-divided once again : for instance, an introduction will have its own introduction, core text and conclusion. And even a conclusion has a conclusion !

Then, to write this way,
- I get an accurate idea of what I want to write (I told you about that in my previous e-mail)
- then I fit it to this formal structure.

December 16, 2009

I'm Korean and I'v learning English for a LONG time. (In Korea, English class is added in elementary school time-table when children are 9-year-old.) So cuz I'm 18-year-old now, "for a LONG time" is true~

Many students are in a trouble of English grade and feel the studying English is so hard.

And to my sadness, I'm one of them, haha.... :( But I have a little of confidance in writting or reading. Instead of that, I'm beset by listening to an English paragraph or dialog. ToT So nowadays I try to listen to the actor's saying of any movie so that my ears are open.

Cuz I'm saying like this, studying English seems like so hard. But I love studying this language, hehe :)

I'll conquer you, English! XD

09:07 AM Dec 16 2009



Yes I agree with you that learning a foreign lang  is wicked difficult.Also my listening is poor too.Don't worry and keep watching movies and listening english radios.. wink

December 14, 2009


That's it.

He is just.. her boy.

That's it.

Yeah, just..... He is her boy. That's true. That's it.

Good. I'm Ok. Yeah, I'm OK.


07:27 PM Dec 14 2009

South Korea

Thanks for your correcting XD

10:48 AM Dec 14 2009


He She it, have allways has..^^

He has a girlfriend. She has a dog, which cares about her.


have a nice day