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South Korea

December 16, 2009

I'm Korean and I'v learning English for a LONG time. (In Korea, English class is added in elementary school time-table when children are 9-year-old.) So cuz I'm 18-year-old now, "for a LONG time" is true~

Many students are in a trouble of English grade and feel the studying English is so hard.

And to my sadness, I'm one of them, haha.... :( But I have a little of confidance in writting or reading. Instead of that, I'm beset by listening to an English paragraph or dialog. ToT So nowadays I try to listen to the actor's saying of any movie so that my ears are open.

Cuz I'm saying like this, studying English seems like so hard. But I love studying this language, hehe :)

I'll conquer you, English! XD

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09:07 AM Dec 16 2009



Yes I agree with you that learning a foreign lang  is wicked difficult.Also my listening is poor too.Don't worry and keep watching movies and listening english radios.. wink