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South Korea

January 9, 2010

<Improving your LOGIC & CLEAN essay> 


The most important thing, before even writing, is thinking. What is my opinion about the subject being discussed ? I make a clear distinction between two kinds of ideas :
- the prejudice(s) I have about the subject. It's usually the first idea that comes to my mind. I believe it's from social, cultural interactions and learning that prejudices quickly spread around.
- then I go further : do I agree with my first opinion ? Or do I have the felling that something is wrong about it ? If I have, then I try to explain it. I check that I agree with the consequences, the hypothesises... I'm only relieved when I'm sure the latest idea I found is my opinion.

You may be quite surprised because of so much intuition in such a logical process. But think about this : the reason(s) we try to find are often just the consequences of the feeling that something is getting wrong. And, maybe you know the necessity of intuition in mathematics : if you don't have any idea of the answer, how could you build any demonstration ?


introduction, demonstration, conclusion. When answering to any written question, these steps must be completed : if anything lacks, the copy won't even be read sometimes !
What is interesting, is that every part of the text can be sub-divided once again : for instance, an introduction will have its own introduction, core text and conclusion. And even a conclusion has a conclusion !

Then, to write this way,
- I get an accurate idea of what I want to write (I told you about that in my previous e-mail)
- then I fit it to this formal structure.

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