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October 15, 2008


It was sunny and warm Sunday. Ann usually stays in bed till twelve o o'clock but today she felt different. She got up at seven a.m and decided to run around her fabulous garden. She was very upset. Yesterday she realized that she felt in love in person who doesn't know about her existence. It was like a scar which never dissapear on  her skin, she always felt this in her mind. She couldn't find a peace, cause when she even close her lovely green eyes she saw his smile. These moments were very cruel for young girl. She wanted to forget but it wasn't so easy. Ann knew that is impossible to close to her love so she decided to try be with other boy. At the beggining she was very happy with him. He really loved her for her good heart. Some day she thought about her feelings, she made a big mistake. She cheated poor boy, called Simon. Ann had many bad features and one of the worst was indesicion. She pretended that everything is ok but wasn't. In her teenage soul was such a mess. She was happy and sad all the time. One day she decided to tell her boyfriend true it was so difficult. He cried and she had feelings of guilty. But that day she realized she will be alone and forget about her feelings to other gay. It wasn't take for long. When she saw he on the other side in the street her heart was beating so fast, she couldn't say and walk. She just looked into his face but he didn't notice her. It was so sad moment but she got used to it. Ann was average girl with dreams. She had a few friends who wants to be her boyfriend. She liked them but only as friends. The girl was very lonely. The friends try to cheer her up but when she came to her flat the sadness again looked to her soft soul. She thought:"I can't make it anymore!!!He doesn't know about my love...I have to forget about him." And the next day she started the new life without his lovely eyes and smile. She was young and she had whole life to find someone who will love her not only for her appearance but for her heart. Ann repeated this sentence every day and thanks to it she could breath. On 1-st January she decided to walk with her dog. When she was walking suddenly she met him. He was with girl. Her world collapsed on her small head. She went back to her house. She thought about him all night. She realized she will never be with him and then Ann decided to do suicide. She was asssure that will finish her all problems and sorrows. Two days later she bought the poison and took it. She felt her blood and beating heart and thought about him but it was the end. When her parents became it was too late. Ann had seventeen years old and died because she loved someone who didn't know about it. On her grave there is sentence which says:"Her death doesn't finish her love". This story is dramatic such as Werther who was being understood and suffered from unhappy love;(

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08:32 AM Oct 15 2008



this is the life

it talk more than , try to make it so sad

but we beat it

so wonderful to love

but so bad to loss our selves