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United Arab Emirates

December 27, 2010

first .,
i want to tall all of u .,
i am think am not good in english ..
that i start to learn more , and trying .,
i hope every one who's read me blog . don't become
angry with my mistake .,
i am just trying , and i need u help all of u ..
27 - 12  - 2010 
i wake up at 8 o'clock
to study for exam and to prepare my self to the class ..
i am not have enough sleeping .,  i became tired ..
at 1 o'clock i finished my classes and exam and
return to my room in the hostel ..
i have bad feeling . . and sad feeling
tomorrow i have an presentation . .
and i became nerves with this . .
because i am not very good in english
i hope i do very well tomorrow . .
have a nice dreams for all ..

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12:18 AM Dec 30 2010

Just Me

Just Me
United Arab Emirates

Good luck :)

12:55 AM Dec 28 2010



what do u know the most important thing to speak english is?

u need the will to speak english as well as the skills to speak.

those who use Ebaby are often kind and good people.

enjoy Ebaby!!