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March 17, 2009

hello everyboby

firstly thx come here,i so glad that you can come here.

and i hope we can become friends

secondly,i am a new worker.i just have worked about seven days,and this is my first job. i have no idea about my job.because i don't know everything.

thirdly.i am old,even for you i still young .but for my parents it is time to get marry,and we often get marry through the blind date,i think it is ok for me to blind date.but when my mom said about the blind date i feel so terriable,maybe i still think i young.

forthly,thank you very much read it over.

March 1, 2008


this is my msn.if you want to make friends with me.please concact with me.

i hope i can make more friends.because this is my new msn.so only few people in my list.

i really want to make more difference friends.and improve my english.please add me!




05:25 AM Mar 17 2009

Cocos (Keeling) Islands

hi its been so nice for me to be here and to know you .this is my email address  cuixiaonan1007@163.com,

02:35 AM Mar 17 2009



i have new msn is showmin1@hotmail.com

before the msn i lost it

so if you want to make friend with me .you can add this one.thx

02:33 AM Mar 17 2009




November 25, 2007

     i have already joined this web for about half a year,at first i feel it is very interensting,and i like it very much,and i think i can improve my english here,can make friends from  all over the world,so i think i very lucky that i find this web,and can be one of the mumber ,so i often came here study my english,but now, i feel it is too boring.and i nearly came here.

    i don't know why.,,maybe it is up to my personnality.,,i too lazy.and i often interesting one thing for second mimutes.,,i hate this.,,,i hate why i become like this...

    good luck to me....