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January 3, 2008

My Pledge My Oath I can’t stand my poor English! I can’t stand my ten years of wasted time! I can’t stand being looked down upon! I can’t stand being laughed at! I want to improve my situation! I want to change my life! I want to be successful! I want to be international! I don’t want to let my parents down! I don’t ever want to let my country down! Most important, I don’t want to let myself down! I want to speak perfect English! I want to understand all kinds of accents! I want to write beautiful articles! I want to read thousands of books! I want to translate freely between Chinese and English. I want to be the master of the world’s two most important languages: Chinese and English. I must act at once! I must open my mouth to practice! I must surprise them with my excellent English! I must realize my dream! I must succeed!

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