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April 17, 2009

Suddenly, the weather seems to be a sunny as ever. I think it worth of celebrating for me, as i have got accustomed to living here.

I feel humiliated at my current status that’s why I think I should go to much great lengths to pursue excellence which is a significant condition.

I always exert much pressure on myself which also let me have a sense of helplessness.

Without any doubt ,I want to ask anyone for help, but the one is no less than myself.

Largely, I can built a life which I am expecting for a very long time.

But it is according as my determination. I don’t know how to settle these sort of trouble which due to the natural component.

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10:16 PM Aug 16 2009

adele bluesky

so donnot worry.i  think you can  do  better .eyeryone  feel  unhappy  in  the unknow  place.but  it  can  be  better  after  some  days.so  believe yourself .you  can  bulid  a  new  life  for  yourself.hehe.Laughing

10:05 PM Aug 16 2009



im ur friend selvia.

im from indonesia in jakarta.

i receive ur comment and im a new user here, a little difficult to know this site feature.

thanks for confirm me as ur friends...

 nice to know u and my msn


invite me there ok.

thanks n bvest tegards



11:25 PM Jul 27 2009



I come from  Jiangsu yangzhou