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April 24, 2010

one is my 18 birth-d is coming,on May 3,so I'm so excited!:))


the other is my college exam is coming too!!On may 15 and 16,I'm so nervous;PP

by the way I'm so busy for my fashion show too!!;P

December 30, 2009

Today is a f**king day Yell

when I at school,I called my mom and told her I'll go home late,

because I want to buy something after school,

and then she told me our pet bird was fly away,


she came to my house by herself and now she leave by herself!!!

I'm really feel sad,

and I cried,

yesterday when I was do my report,

she stand on my arm and bit my clothes and me!!!

It was very hurt!!!

Now I would rather let her bit me than she leaving....

Every day before I go to school,I'll say"Good morning"."Good bye~"to her,

my bird"Ju-Ju",

can't imagine tomorrow when I wake up,

 just see a empty cage and don't see Ju-Ju in here,

I think I'm dying!!!

At first,I'm very scared about her,

I can't let her in my shoulders or my hands,

if she fly to me,

I'll screaming!!

but a few days ago.

I can play with her,

I hope she'll come back by herself,

my mom hang hJu-Jus' cage outside,

she hopes that Ju-Ju can identify  the cage,

who knows??

The weather is so cold I hope you can come back soon!!

I don'thope that you are eaten by a curel cat or freeze ....

Any way,

thank you Ju-Ju,

you made me smile and scream,

sometimes made me feel angry or disgusting!

because you are a dirty bird,

you always have the boo boo any where!!

 But as you come back,

I won't angry with you anymore...Cry

I promise...


06:03 AM Dec 30 2009



I hope she will;(((

any way,thanks!

04:31 AM Dec 30 2009



Awwwww...that's so sad, poor Ju-Ju Cry , i hope she'll be back to you.

September 15, 2009

Today is your birthday,so I went to the department store and bought some cookies yesterday ,I think maybe you’ll love to eat cookies. But today,when I went to the school and I met your classmates,they told me you quit the school again!Because you have to go under the knife again…It’s means that you are not recover yet…And I yelled on the gallery and said,”Today is her birthday and I take some cookies want for her!!!! ” Why again???This is the 3rd time you quit the school…because of the damn cerebral hemorrhage,so you quit again… I remembered that the first time you quitted and I sobbed my heart out about 5 days,and the second time I didn’t cry but feel upset,and this time ,I don’t know how to express my feeling maybe I;m despair now … Will you come back soon??I think you won’t…But I hope you will be fine… I ‘m mega careful about you!but anyway, Happy birthday and get well soon…=)

10:08 AM Sep 20 2009



Oh i'm so sorry.

When the best friend is seriously ill it is always hard to understand it and to bear it .I hope she will be fine soon.And please don't worry so much. Remember i'm with you .

06:47 AM Sep 15 2009

Fish Chen

Fish Chen

hope she can come back soon and share the delicious cookies with you

06:04 AM Sep 15 2009



You are friendky and sweet=)

thanks you all=)

05:49 AM Sep 15 2009


United Kingdom

vicki i hope your friend will make it babe keep intouch xxxxx

05:48 AM Sep 15 2009


United Kingdom


05:33 AM Sep 15 2009



Hi Vicky

I am really sorry for ur friend but I am sure that she will get over it and recover soon 

I will pray for her too everynight. hope that u would let us know about her condition :)

Just try to be faithful and strong for her 


I am wishing her "happy birthday" too and believe all my hearth that she will have much more happy birthdays  in the future

take care