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December 15, 2008

For this report I researched about Germany. Germany is a country in Europe.
I interested in Germany.
Because my friend went to Germany by school trip and I heard of 4 season are clearly defined in Germany. In Japan too.
I asked people in Germany. I got 5 responses to my questions. Thank you kimiix3, max995, skyjumps, poisonhh and Apple Pie.

The capital city is Berlin in Germany.
I wanted to know many good place in Germany. Apple Pie told me good place “Brandenburger Tor in Berlin”.
“Brandenburger Tor” is “Brandenburg Gate”in English. I saw a picture on Google. This is very beautiful gate! Someday I'd like to go to there.
And poisonhh told me “Hamburg”. This city have big harbour and there are many ships. There are big harbour in Kobe city too. I interested in this city.
Other place is Kasachstan, Ruegen island, Dresden, Bavaria, Munchen, Koln, neuschwarnstein castle! This castle is famous for Japanese people. It's a beautiful castle!
Thank you my friends!

I asked “What do you have image of Japan?”My friends said “very friendly, interested in Japanese music, cultures, food, alcohol, the anime film is great,
many people,a lot of tall buildings, high-tech, hard working people, less vacation and less fun”.
Hard working people, less vacation and less fun.... I remember. My host family asked me in England. “Does your life is busy in Japan?” Indeed, Japanese life is busy than other countries.
The Japanese anime film is great...poisonhh said, she watched Pokemon and Yugioh after school on 12years old.
Many other countries can watch Japanese anime programs on CATV now.

And I wanted to know Germany homemade dish by each mother. They said, dumplings, lasagne and Schweinebraten. Schweinebraten is pork roast in Germany.
I'd like to eat it:) And I asked “Who's your respect person?”
I expected people answer Germany's famous person or each parents.
But everyone says “I respect my parents!”.


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