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May 1, 2009

 He is the only son of  a famous judge .As his father always explains the logic of cases to him,he learns this way of thinking .His thinking is always so clear that every teacher in his school likes him.His father also guides him to read many classical and famous works his father atores.Of course ,even a stupid person will be cultivated in this kind of life.

     He is a college student now.One day,during his spring vacation,he went to see his father in the flat beside the sea.They went out to take a walk to the seaside .When the sun was setting down,they had a rest at the edge of a cliff.When they talked about mercy,the father said ,"To everyone ,there is possibility of being tolerant .'Then he felt free to ask if his father had ever sentenced a prisoner to death and his father told him a case which impressed him.So he began:

    The prisoner ws a young farmer .When he was working in Taipei,his ID card was detained by the boss whom   he woked for illegally.Then he almost became the slaver of the boss.In  his great anger ,he killed his boss.         According to the law,he was sentenced to death.In the prision,he ws converted to the religion.It seemed that he  had becone a good person,he had repented .So i did him a favour and hoped that he would get pardon,but i       failed.

        After he was sentenced ,his wife had a lovely baby boy.When i went to see the unluckyman,i saw the photo of the baby,i felt sad that the baby would be an orphan,and what's more,i ws regretful for having proved him guilty.

        The father weeped .Then he went on:

        Before his death sentence ,i received a letter from him,

        The father took out a piece of paper which had become yellow and passed it to his son without any words.

        It was about like this :

       Dear judge,thank you for your effert to pardon me, i am very grateful.Before i go,i want to entrust you one thing .I hope you can take care of my son and let him receive good education to be a cultivated man.Please do not let him live his life like me.Thank you!

        "How do you take care of the baby?"asked the son.

         "I forstered him!"answered the father.

          Suddenly ,the world of the boy broke down .He knew everything ,'He is not my natural father !He killed my natural  father!He is a killer!My enermy!."He jumped up.At the moment ,if he pushed his foster father at the edge ,the latter was surely to be dead,nobody  would know!"But my natural father had had mercy on the man who sentenced him to death,and my foster father did my natural father a favor.He had regreted .Although my natural father was dead ,it was the social mistake.'Having thought these above,he forgave the judge ,So he supported his father and said softly,"Dad ,it is late .Let's go home ,mom is waiting for us ."The judge cried ,"Thank you for your forgiveness!'The son cried ,too, and said clearly and firmly,"I am your son,forever!".

         In the light of the sunset,they went hom etogether ,supporting each other.

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