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May 1, 2009

Worship is a strong feeling of love and respect for someone or something .It exists whenever it comes to be and the idols people admire vary over the period of time because different people have different perceptions.

      People who have lived through wars tend to worship great men who have made gret and beneficial contribution to peasantary.They long for serene and harmonious life,they have the least desire and satisfaction which may seem faint nowadays.

      Celebrated actors,singers,writers and dancers are popular,so is the worship for them,and it is hard not to mention their names without hesitation.People try to express their admiration for their idols via buying and accumulating the albums they release ,attending their presence to face idols in themselves,and something like that.Sometimes they may do things for their idols crazily at the expense of life.How scaring and incredible!

       Personally,worship can be inspring .If we could manage the reality and the worship in proportion,trying to motivate us to find higher targets  in life and striving for them,then we win benefit a lot.But if it goes out of proportion,it could be not amazing getting in troubles!

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