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March 6, 2008


Hi guys!


I´m sorry if i´ve been so far... I´ve been so busy these days. I started a law university (oh! The teachers are horrible! Every days they give me many things to do!!!)Surprised


I´ve been busy too with animals shelters and with my work! Also i´m trying to study to do a test for a great job! Pray for me ok?


I miss you soo much!



October 5, 2007

*The One Campaign : http://www.one.org/

*Greenpeace : http://www.greenpeace.org/international/

*Amnestry International : http://www.amnesty.org/

*WWF : http://www.wwf.org/


Did you know more sites? Tell me and comment!

"...There Are Ways
To Get There
If You Care Enough
For The Living
Make A Little Space
Make A Better Place..."

July 31, 2007

"...Another day has gone

I´m still all alone..."


I´m so alone... I felt a big loneliness... Sometimes, I think I don´t have nobody... Well, I have friends, but they have to do their things. I wanna find my soulmate. Sometimes I felt so little like I don´t be important! I don´t know what I can do. Outiside, I´m so good... But, inside, I´m broken. I never felt so lonely, I don´t know what happen! Maybe, it´s´cause my friends married or are dating, and me? People said, you have to be strong, you have to trust in God. But it´s so difficult! When you fell blue, it´s very difficult. I´m depressed and I think this will change when I find a boyfriend. Someone to share with me his things. It´s don´t have to be forever, but I want have good moments.

02:43 PM Mar 06 2008


unfortunately... the more you look for...more difficult you find out =/

try dont think about that...go out with friends  even though they are accompanied =) i think it works... at least it works with me ^^


08:57 AM Nov 15 2007


Dear Belizza,

What is this amazing picture that you found? I really would like to know it because I find it so emotionnal and beautiful. Do you have the exact title? The name of the photographer?

Thanks a lot in advance for your answer,

Hope you are well!