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December 31, 2007

I've heard of mostly down sides about India from several friends, plus my own experiences working with indian years back but nothing can stop me to visit this country. i just obsessed and looking forward to visit other countries no matter how it would be looked like.

last saturday we flied to mumbai/bombai by indian airlines, arrived at noon, got picked up and driove directly to hyatt regency hotel where we gonna stay for a night before heading to vadodara the next day...

two hours later we've been sitting in the restaurant grabbing our lunch, sechuan noddles, chicken and lamb satay and hot brownies and ice cream on the top...hmmm we're not ready to try indian cuisine yet...

the air was hot and humid, doesn't look like monsoon yet, good for exploring a bit around down town, soon got reasonable taxi with nice long beard driver, he showed us some tourist attractions and excursion, the first stop was laundry company but...abrubtly the rain came without prior notice... ..maann....it was sunny...what we could do were just sit and enjoyed sightseeing in taxi or took some pictures under umbrella or while dodging the rain drops that made some of the pictures had water splotchs on it..bad..bad..bad..

Indeed it's not that bad compared to what i've seen along the way to down town...pot holes, homeless, shiverring hands of beggars under the downpour, buzzling road with never ending honk..all those gave sad look...the sight of old Jakarta decades.. decades.. decades.. ago....

Mumbai supposed to be nice city with bunches of colonial buildings if only they painted them...they just looked dingy and the surrounding is not well cleaned...wanning the beautiful architecture that had tried to beautify the town......

India, July 2007 

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