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November 5, 2007

Hello everyone! I'm very excited now that I am a new a member of EBaby! I was just surfing the net the other day to look for a site where I can improve my English skills. And fortunately I found it.

I am also exciting to meet new friends from different places and races. Of course I love to interact to other people and share my thoughts.

Everyday I'm working in a netcafe somewhere here in Cavite, Philippines to earn a living. Once a month I have a day-off. I'm working from Monday to Sunday. So, it's kinda hectic which I don't have much time to stroll or to be with my family and friends. I used to watch before movies in cinemas and go to shopping malls. But nowadays I can't do that anymore.

Well, that's life! We need to work hard to provide our daily needs. Especially that I'm living alone. Nobody supports me and besides I'm older enough to handle myself and to make my own decisions.

That's it for now. Don't worry I still have a lot of stories to tell you. Have a good day to all of you. Thanks a lot for spending your time reading my blog. Wink