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Efri Shan

Efri Shan


March 8, 2010


Traditional Bugis Wedding Attire

(the groom and the bride)






Purification Ceremony called “Mappaccing”

            This is held in the night before the wedding day. In this ceremony, there are several things must be prepared. First, a pillow that is put in front of the bride as a symbol of rank. On the pillow, we put banana leaf as a symbol of good life and seven or nine jackfruit leaves above it as a symbol of hope. Second, seven silk sarongs as a symbol of pride. Third, a bowl of rice symbolizes growth. Fourth,   some candles as a symbol of intimacy. Last, “Paccar” symbolizes purification, a kind of plan that produces red liquid used as nail polish traditionally. The ceremony is meant to purify the bride before getting married by smearing crushed paccar on her palms, neck, and forehead.



Khatam Qur’an

( The bride reads the holy Qur’an in front of Imam with several sarongs put in her back)



Pre-Requisite for the Groom When He Goes to Bride’s House on the Wedding Day




(The things that must be brought by the groom along with cosmetics, clothes, sets of jewelry, and many others when the groom goes to bride’s house on the wedding day accompanied by the members of his family and many young girls in colorful traditional costumes, usually twelve girls) 




Bako’ Puli

(It consists of four round baskets called “Bakulu” filled with red cake called “Dumpi Eja” and rice called “Songkolo”. When fill this basket, you cannot talk or speak until it finished. You also have to wear sarong.It is usually done by four women, depends on how many baskets that will be filled, whose their parents are still alive.)



Another kind of Bako’ Puli





Kanre Ana’ or Babies Food

(Actually, it is just a term. How can babies eat such kinds of food???? Laughing. It consists of a cock, banana, jackfruit, and many others.) 




February 20, 2010

I wrote this cuz I saw some of people here didn't respect each other. I have a female friend. She is my classmate. She is the only Christian in my class but we respect each other and we have a good relationship. Although we have different religion, we never argue about it. The only thing we believe that, we shouldn't judge the person from his/her religion, but his/her character or personality cuz human being were created as a good n a bad person. Nobody's perfect in this world. How can we live peacefully in this world if we don't respect each other????

07:07 PM Feb 21 2010

Efri Shan

Efri Shan

That's right, sist!If we respected each other, there wouldn't be wars everywhere and all people could live peacefully!

04:47 PM Feb 21 2010


Yeah, I have some close friends whose their religion are not Islam, but we really have good relationships and we never argue about what we believe!

February 8, 2010

I've just arrived at my dorm after spent holiday for a couple of weeks in my hometown. It was a long trip. I wanna take a nap but my room was dusty so I have to clean it first. Although I still got pain in my back after motorcycle accident yesterday, I tried to finished. I think I will be very tired tonight!!!:-(

04:16 PM Feb 08 2010

Efri Shan

Efri Shan

Yeah!!!That's what I want to do tonight!!!!!!!Laughing

03:54 PM Feb 08 2010


well, sleep tight then...:)