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June 24, 2010

      I want to make myself happy but I still can not do that. I'm sensitive to the people and things around me. and always think too much that make me tired, maybe it's the  typical characteristic of female.     

       I love the culture of our country, it's attractive and has long history, especially the poetry. I love my families, my friends. the mountain, and the river,    

      I am a girl, maybe a little fat, a part of my friends told me that I should lose weight, and others thought that it's just OK now. In my opinion, I'm satisfied with myself. health is more important than everything.   

      I want to further study and prepared for it now, I'll do my best to let it come true. Just fighting!

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09:44 PM Jun 24 2010



Golden saying' health is more important than everything'

i feel that you should find a permanent job although it is more hard

then according to the situation to adjust to your lifestyle

An old saying goes:the truth drive from the life

finally,I believe you will succeed!