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June 24, 2010

      I want to make myself happy but I still can not do that. I'm sensitive to the people and things around me. and always think too much that make me tired, maybe it's the  typical characteristic of female.     

       I love the culture of our country, it's attractive and has long history, especially the poetry. I love my families, my friends. the mountain, and the river,    

      I am a girl, maybe a little fat, a part of my friends told me that I should lose weight, and others thought that it's just OK now. In my opinion, I'm satisfied with myself. health is more important than everything.   

      I want to further study and prepared for it now, I'll do my best to let it come true. Just fighting!

09:44 PM Jun 24 2010



Golden saying' health is more important than everything'

i feel that you should find a permanent job although it is more hard

then according to the situation to adjust to your lifestyle

An old saying goes:the truth drive from the life

finally,I believe you will succeed! 

June 23, 2010

     Something is missing,it vanished as I recognized,maybe it's just a joke when you feel alone,I even lost myself in your sweat words,but now,i wake up,bye,my ex-lover .

     I  go away with my broken heart,but I didn't cry any more.I must protect myself from hurt.

      I've graduated from the college for 20 days,i feel that my heart is empty,like the boat that can not get the bank,oh!my dear classmates,my dear friends,I miss you so much!

      BYE!my college times,my past life and lover!

03:21 AM Jun 23 2010


LaughingFirst I want to congradulate you. you have graduated this year, me too.Just like you I feel down for a long time and somtimes even empty.There are 3 days left abefore I leave my campus. But all the things are you have to face, right. Come on, forget the sorrow and to persue the bright future! Someone is waiting for you, so yesterday is passed, cherish today and fight for tomorrow!

At last, i wanna wish u good luck!