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November 20, 2009

Maybe,this time,i've got to learn sth.As the saying goes,A fall in the pit,a gain in your wit.However,stubborn as i seem to be,i repeat making the same sort of mistakes after going through the dreadful experiences.

Just one or two week before,my cellphone got picked when i was focusing my attention on the abundant commodities in a store,worst still,yesterday,My purse,containing ID card,bank card,as well as some notes is missing mysteriously when i got off a extraordinary crowned bus.Apparantly,some evil eyes were longing for it long,and a cursed hand sneak through my bag.Damn it,the vicous thieves!

After going through all these unhappy experiences,i felt indeed frustrated,devastated and disappointed in heart and soul.I cannot helping wondering what's the hell with myself.Careless and casual,they're never supposed to be the adjectives for me,on the contrary,i was known as a carefully and cautious girl...

It's really an embarrasing shame that i don't know how to start setting a new blog.So...i just continue writing.

The final exam is approaching.To be honest,i am really really nervous.Coz i had failed twice before,i can hardly afford a third time.High expectations ,blessing wishes ,even patient instructions were already been given,no matter whether i wanna receive it or not.

Barely can i recall since when,a once excellent girl in high school had ironically turned into a lagger.In the eyes of a perfectionist,even a small little stain can ruin the whole thing,not to mention a totally flop in almost everything.

Fortunately,resigning myself to fate is the last thing in the world i'll do.Even though there eixists only one fragile straw,i gonna seize it without hesitation.

For the distant dream,for someone trusting,loving,supporting me,success is my mere option.U know what,why should i be afraid??No reason.

I just cannot wait to reveal my talent and ability before it's too late.Just wait and see,ur guys!!


11:26 PM Nov 20 2009



Just forget it!You can lost everything but mood,ok?Hope you will be bettter soon!