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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

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August 12, 2008

slang(hand) mean example
hand over  pass on something Before I leave, I have to hand over all my work
get out of hand  become impossible to manage You'll have to deal with this problem before it gets out of hand
have your hands full  be very busy I can't do anything about it now - my hands are full.
in hand  under control The company report is in hand - you'll have it next week
live hand to mouth  only earn enough money for food After he lost his job, he had to live hand to mouth for a couple of months
have someone in the palm of your hand have influence over someone He's got her in the palm of his hand
be caught red-handed   The children were caught red-handed picking the flowers
slang(finger) mean example
butter fingers  be clumsy and drop things You've dropped my vase! Butter fingers!
keep your fingers crossed wish something for someone Keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow - it's my job interview
look through ones fingers   I looked through him finger when I saw him
under your thumb  control someone She's got him under her thumb - he won't do anything without asking her first
slang(feet&legs) mean example
put your foot in it  say or do something you shouldn't I think I've put my foot in it - I told her about the party
have itchy feet  not able to settle down in one place She's going off travelling again - she's got really itchy feet
keep someone on their toes  keep someone alert Our teacher keeps us on our toes - we have to pay attention in class
stand on your own two feet  be independent I don't need your help - I can stand on my own two feet
have two left feet  be awkward or clumsy He's a terrible dancer - he's got two left feet
walk on eggshells  be careful about what you say or do She's in a terrible mood - you'll have to walk on eggshells around her
foot the bill  pay the bill He had to foot the bill for the party
slang(back) mean example
go behind someone's back  do something secretly She went behind my back and told my boss I wanted a new job
back off  stop trying to force someone to do something Will you just back off and let me decide what I should do!"
back down  accept defeat He finally backed down and let me buy a pet rabbit."
back someone up   support someone Thank you for backing me up in the meeting
put your back into something  work very hard at something She put her back into it and got good results
stab someone in the back  betray someone Be careful of him - he'll stab you in the back if it gets him what he wants

August 11, 2008

To be hot = very popular / fashionable:

"Iceland is a really hot weekend destination at the moment."

A hot favourite = someone / something most likely to win:

"Red Rum was always the hot favourite to win the Grand National."

A hot tip = important or useful suggestion:

"He gave me a hot tip for my interview."

A hot topic = an issue which is important:

"Climate change is a hot topic at the moment."

Hot off the press = very new story:

"This gossip is hot off the press."

To get too hot = become too dangerous:

"Things are getting too hot and the relief agencies are pulling out of the area."

A hot date = a date with someone you find very attractive: "She's got a hot date tonight!"

Hot stuff = attractive:

"Her new boyfriend is hot stuff."

In the hot seat = in a position of responsibility:

"You make the decisions - you're in the hot seat now!"

In hot water = in trouble because you have done something wrong:

"If you send that email now, you'll find yourself in hot water with the boss."

Have a hot temper = to get angry easily:

"He has a hot temper, so don't provoke him into an argument."

Get hot under the collar = get angry about something which isn't very important:

"You always seem to get hot under the collar about people's driving habits. Don't let it worry you!"

Hot and bothered = feeling uncomfortable, either because it's too hot, or because you have too much to do in too little time:

"She's all hot and bothered now that she's been invited to the theatre this evening."

Be like a cat on a hot tin roof = restless or jumpy:

"He's like a cat on a hot tin roof with all this talk about redundancies."

In hot pursuit = to follow closely:

"The pickpocket ran off, with members of the public in hot pursuit."

Hot on the trail = close to finding something:

"The police are hot on the trail of the mastermind behind the bank robbery."

Hot air = something which is not as important or true as it sounds:

"What he says is just a lot of hot air - don't take it too seriously."

More (something) than you've had hot dinners = an expression to mean that you've had a lot of something:

"I've had more jobs than you've had hot dinners!"

Blow hot and cold = keep changing your mind about something:

"I'm blowing hot and cold about moving to the countryside."

August 6, 2008

slang(common) mean example mean
as easy as pie  مثل آب خوردن    
bend over backwards try very hard He bent over backwards to please his new wife, but she never seemed satisfied.  
be sick and tired of= I hate=I can't stand از کسی تنفر داشتن I'm sick and tired of her  
bite off more than one can chew take responsibility for more than one can manage It seems he has bitten off more than he can chew  
broke  ورشکسته - بی پول I 'm broke هیچ پولی ندارم
change one's mind تغییر عقیده I was planning to work late tonight, but I changed my mind. I'll do extra work on the weekend  
drop someone a line  نامه یا ایمیل دادن Drop me a line when you have time   هر وقت فرصت کردی برام نامه بده
fill in for someone جای کسی کار کردن While I was away from the store, my brother filled in for me  
in ages زمان خیلی زیاد Have you seen Joe recently? I haven't seen him in ages.
give someone a hand  کمک کردن I want to move this desk to the next room. Can you give me a hand?  
 hit the hay  به رختخواب رفتن It's after 12 o'clock. I think it's time to hit the hay  
in the black  تجارت پر رونق Our business is really improving. We've been in the black all year  
in the red  تجارت کساد Business is really going poorly these days. We've been in the red for the past three months  
in the nick of time  سر بزنگاه-درست به موقع I got to the drugstore just in the nick of time.   I really need this medicine!
keep one's chin up  با تلاش سخت ادامه دادن I know things have been difficult for you recently, but keep your chin up. It will get better soon  
know something like the back of your hand  مثل کف دست شناختن  I know this part of town like the back of my hand   
once in a while  بعضی وقت ها نه همیشه