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July 23, 2010

hello everybody

 First,I hope you have a happy weekend!

  I haven't to see and read here  for a long time,maybe it's two years.

I'm so sorry .since I'm work that very busy ,so I haven't  to read and keep a diary for some times at English Baby.

So,I hope my firends can add to my MSN,Let's stay in touch.

My MSN is Eileen_2014@hotmail.com

All right, everything is ok for everyone


December 7, 2008

  Today is Dce.7,it is my first time to go to the English baby as I come to Shenzhen.

  I don't know how to say my life for Shenzhen,also I can't say anything more .I'm not well,not at all.I don't  know why?maybe I 'm so tarble ,no bility .

so, come on! everything is ok.Believe myself.I'm very well now,in the furture.

March 4, 2008

Do you know how many times  there are?I really sadly and sadly, I don't know why?I can't bare it,I don't believe that true.You are  no doubt my feeling,why are you say so .You know,I look it and feel is very bad , but you alreadly make it come true.There is our own,you think it's a jok in confidence.
I don't know if I can count on.I'm afraid,you  make it become no secret for me, Idon't like it .I have tear....