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February 10, 2009

I didn’t apply for a msn id before I met Fatos. She is a Turkey girl studying Chinese in Istanbul. We have pleasure conversation in message. One day her friend sent me a message and hope I apply for one either.

Now we often talk something by msn. But because there is 6 hours time different between us, when I open the msn in the morning she is in the midnight or on the contrary.

We talked about the life, the culture and the history of china and Turkey. Sometimes we talked in Chinese. Of course , I think her Chinese is not good as her English. Maybe Chinese is more difficult to learn.

06:52 AM Jun 01 2009



i live in chengdu.

where do u live in ?


08:03 AM Apr 17 2009



i have the same feeling.

the six hours is too bad .Cry

i dont know chinese is wether more difficult or not ,but i know some languages is  difficult to me.

10:33 AM Feb 16 2009

Viet Nam

lucky u. i also have a good friend from turkey. but i did sth wrong n he seem not to want to talk to me anymore. so boring.maybe i didn't consider the friendship through internet seriously. poor me

February 10, 2009

I have registered in ebaby for one month. Now I have 24 friends from different country.

From today I will write something about my friends and interesting thing of Ebaby. I think it is a best way to improve both English level and writing level. I hope my friends will enjoy reading it. 

The first friend I add is a American girl whose face covered by a piece of  black cloth. She looks mysterious. You know, man always are attracted by such girl. “emo_girl_4life”, you gave me the feeling of having a foreigner friend and let me have the interesting to enjoy the Ebaby. 

I deleted the first “girl” adding me  I can’t make sure “she” was a woman or man. She wrote a letter about her pathetic life and send me a photo of her. The girl on the photo was really a stunner. But I knew this just one step of the trap. Just like playing a game, I replied some email so I can see more steps of the swindle. The story was very excellent. Not only I can have the girl but also I can get a lot of money from the Switzerland bank. But,but the first step I should do is send the service charge to an account. So , I finished the game and deleted the charming “girl”. 

06:56 AM Mar 03 2009

United States

awww that is sooooooooooo cute love it lil bro love u