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February 10, 2009

I have registered in ebaby for one month. Now I have 24 friends from different country.

From today I will write something about my friends and interesting thing of Ebaby. I think it is a best way to improve both English level and writing level. I hope my friends will enjoy reading it. 

The first friend I add is a American girl whose face covered by a piece of  black cloth. She looks mysterious. You know, man always are attracted by such girl. “emo_girl_4life”, you gave me the feeling of having a foreigner friend and let me have the interesting to enjoy the Ebaby. 

I deleted the first “girl” adding me  I can’t make sure “she” was a woman or man. She wrote a letter about her pathetic life and send me a photo of her. The girl on the photo was really a stunner. But I knew this just one step of the trap. Just like playing a game, I replied some email so I can see more steps of the swindle. The story was very excellent. Not only I can have the girl but also I can get a lot of money from the Switzerland bank. But,but the first step I should do is send the service charge to an account. So , I finished the game and deleted the charming “girl”. 

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06:56 AM Mar 03 2009

United States

awww that is sooooooooooo cute love it lil bro love u