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November 9, 2007

       It was totally an accident that I found English Baby on the Internet. Attracted by its lighten logo then enrolled in it,soon I knew that it was where I would be.

       Being a new comer was a little shy.The biggest problem was I didn't know how to talk to others.But the sentences were jumping one by one on the screen.I nearly cried to the computer but there was nobody I could tend for help.Fortunately,a dialog box jumped out :"Hello,nice to meet you.",then another box appeared "where are you from" and the other one was "how are you"...

       Quickly, I found the way to make it.I chatted with 4 persons at the same time,and there was two guys from China.What a coincide!Yes, China has the larggest population in the world.No wonder that you meet a Chinese here.

       Last night,when I was talking with a Turk guy,my computer turned off because of eletricity shortage(Eletricity is only avaliable from 5:30a.m to 11:00p.m in my university).We talked about out countries,our majors.He knew a lot about Chian, and introduced Bosphorus Bridge and Istanbul of Turkey to me.We had a nice talk,and his name is Dignified.

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05:16 AM Nov 09 2007


Your english level seems amazing. You're welcome to e-baby. I hope you're gonna like it a lot