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November 12, 2007

       At mid November of each year,there are special days for the girls of our university--Girls' Day.Since the two larggest Navigation and Marine Engineering departments have boys only, girls are rather rare.Our girls were born to be taken considerable good care.

       There are many particular activities during those days.For the first day of celebration,each girl can get a flower or a package of handkerchief paper or a bookmark or other presents for free at particular time of given places.The flowers are usually roses and carnations.The second day maybe the programme of girls for competing for "Miss Beauty Smile" or "My Pink Princess".With their talents and passions, the competitors exhaust themselves to cater for the audience.And they also have their own cheer club to play up.The next day is another plan for the babies.Girls write down their wishes on postcards and hang them on the trees,perhaps they are love letters for some boys who have haunted in their minds for a long time but fail to propsal because of shiness.And now ,it is the time to change dreams into realistic.All these are under the Student Union of course.

        The celebration often lasts for 3 or 4 days.May it warms hearts for the whold cold long winter.

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