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July 31, 2008

A lot of us envy children, because we think they don't know what is sad and what is desperession. We became unhappy and sad as we going older and older. Sometimes you feel sad when you know a lot of things, before you think it's really an interesting thing or sweet thing but later you find out it's just nothing. I think if a person is too smart, usually he or she cannot feel happy in his or her life. Just like you will feel boring if you can get everythink easily. I always confused myself, life -- no one knows what is the exact meaning----

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06:10 AM Jul 31 2008


But this is just life,the more u get and something else u have to miss.With years passed,we r growing,what's most important is we should get used to this kind of feeling of growing,learn to b happy!That is what we can do with age,even olderLaughing