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United States

January 21, 2009

[paul wall - verse 1]
Well it's that grain grippa from houston, tex
That bar sippa, that bar no plex
I'm straight up outta that swishahouse
Where g. dash write all the checks
So check the neck, check the wrist
I'm balla status from head to toe
My jewelry shop sell more grills
Than george foreman, baby now ya know
That ain't a igloo, that's my watch
And that ain't snow, baby that's my chain
That's not a ice girl, that's my teeth
And that's not a snowcone, that's my ring
It ain't kool-aid up in my cup
I stay sippin that purple oil
I stay flippin the slab on 4's
Cuz i'm a hustla til i'm in the soil
My wrist game is one of a kind
Patek philippe worth 100k
My work schedule out on the block
It's mash all night and grind all day
No 401k for a hustler
Just bleed the block and stack that paper
M.o.b. when it come to hoes
And a 40 cal when it come to haters
We authentic players not counterfeit
Got a 600 benz with a fall kit
Got hoes at the hk turnin tricks
Out runnin the tracks tryina make me rich
I'm too legit to quit
Stackin up that paper til i'm gone
So i'ma be workin wood wheel and catchin splinters
Ridin 20 inches or better of chrome

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