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United States

February 26, 2009

*Clears throat*

I am sitting down and writing this verse off the top of my head,so if you like it,it's off the top,if not,sorry,it's off the top.



I'm a beast unleash me and bring rappers to feed me

You think you're a G but you're a B-I-T-C

Plus an H your rhymes are feather wieght

and plus I'm always on the grind so you can call it freeskate

Please wait before you try to mingle with the mangler

The freestyle type windpipe tangler

Incase you didn't know my lyrics tight like wranglers

I'll hit you with the metal like mommy dearest with hangers

I mean the the trigger not the gesture when I give you the finger

You'll be screamin' like bad auditioned American Idol singers

Just let the smell of defeat linger and stay on course

Or the chopper'll take half like I filed devorce

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View all entries from Snoogans >

09:20 AM May 13 2009

United States

I'm sorry but this verse I wrote is raw,biotch!!!

11:30 AM Feb 26 2009


Russian Federation

Pretty scary    .. I m not kidding)))))

10:40 AM Feb 26 2009

United States

I done warned you boys..I'm a monster boys,I'm a monster boy,feed me rappers.......